Reggie Gaudino


Reggie Gaudino


Reggie Gaudino, Building a genetic analysis division as a companion to the successful chemical profiling and chemical testing business already being done by Steep Hill Laboratories. As Vice President of Scientific Operations, I oversee the operations of all of our facilities, with an eye to ensuring that our clients needs are met with quality, timely results, and our laboratory methods set the bar in the industry. My responsibilities as the Director of Genetics is to build a team capable of producing respected scientific advancement in the field of Cannabis research and based on this advancement, identifying and providing innovative tests and products that bring the scientific advancement to growers, breeders and ultimately the end user. My job also entails identifying new IP opportunities, protecting already existing novel Steep Hill Laboratories know how, methods and systems, through aggressive patent and trademark filing and prosecution. Additionally, another aspect of my duties will be identifying any potential competition or partners for business development opportunities such as unidirectional or cross licensing agreements, joint development agreements, etc.


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UE-416 Green Flower: It’s Time To Build Your Thriving Cannabis Business TODAY! 104 Weeks January 1, 2016