Raphael Kellman


Raphael Kellman


Raphael Kellman uses an integrative holistic approach to the diagnosis and treatment of these and other conditions. He combines natural compounds, vitamins, herbs and medicines to reduce symptoms, alleviate suffering and heal the deeper cause of disease. Through his deep understanding of how to use natural compounds, some of which are found in our cells to improve cellular function, detoxification and environmental medicine, Dr. Kellman uncovers the underlying causes of your medical problems. Dr. Kellman is known for his more in-depth testing such as the thyroid TRH stimulation test. Because of this test Dr. Kellman has discovered that a large percentage of patients with fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome and autism have a low thyroid that was missed by routine tests. This has changed the lives of thousands.


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
UE-650 The Immune Defense Summit 23 Weeks July 24, 2017
UE-492 The Microbiome Medicine Summit 2 34 Weeks May 8, 2017
UE-367 The Autoimmune Revolution 2017 48 Weeks January 30, 2017
UE-158 The Thyroid Connection Summit 62 Weeks October 24, 2016
UE-151 The Soul of Healing Summit 77 Weeks July 11, 2016
UE-137 The The Longevity & Anti-Aging Project Summit 69 Weeks June 6, 2016
UE-131 The Microbiome Medicine Summit 65 Weeks February 29, 2016
UE-128 Heal Your Gut Summit! It’s where health starts and your healing begins! 71 Weeks January 18, 2016
UE-140 The Healthy Gut Summit 138 Weeks January 9, 2015