Raj & Gabrielle Sundra


Raj & Gabrielle Sundra


Raj & Gabrielle Sundra, A couple for almost a decade, and together nearly 24-7, Gaby and Raj Sundra run two businesses together and STILL enjoy a playful, peaceful, passionate relationship. Their message and method are fun, funny and forward focused. Gaby helps turn impossible dreams into awesome realities. Her favorite expression is “Pigs CAN fly!” Raj’s thirst for meaningful knowledge has him known as the “Energizer Bunny of transformation”. His motto is “Let’s do this!”

Together with over 40 combined years of education, training and experience, they help couples keep the fights clean and the sex dirty and save being nasty for their sex life.


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
UE-330 The ULTIMATE LOVE Summit 61 Weeks November 1, 2016