Quetzali Cerezo


Quetzali Cerezo


Quetzali Cerezo, is the founder and Director of the Guatemalan organization Women in Equity – Guatemala (Asociación Movimiento por la Equidad en Guatemala -AME-Guatemala). Quetzali is a lawyer and activist who has focused on gender-based violence and discrimination and now dedicates a good portion of her time to the issues of sexual and reproductive health and rights. Her organization has developed a critical mass of support from Guatemala’s legal community, specifically by engaging leaders from the Bar Association. She is the daughter of Guatemala’s first democratically elected president, Vinicio Cerezo (1986-1991) and her mother, Raquel Blandón, is one of the leaders of the country’s feminist movement. Quetzali is also a co-founder of the Grupo Multidisciplinario – the country’s only coalition dedicated to expanding abortion rights, and is also part of PP Global’s Latin American Legal Network – a regional group of lawyers dedicated to defending reproductive health care providers.


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UE-2214 NGPX Virtual Event 1 Days July 20, 2022
UE-694 The Practically Perfect Pa Virtual Summit 10 Weeks October 20, 2017
UE-472 Money Freedom Now Telesummit 103 Weeks January 7, 2016