Qat Wanders

Qat Wanders has wandered around the world for most of her life. Her nomadic nature has given her a deep passion for world language, world religion, and different cultures, along with an insatiable urge to help people who are suffering. She is a professional health and wellness writer, sought-after Yoga counselor and Wellness Mentor. Her work is dedicated to helping people who suffer from chronic pain, achieve transformational healing. She coaches them through helpful lifestyle adjustments to help them end dependency on painkillers, as well as increase energy, mental-clarity and positivity. Additionally, Qat has spent the last decade developing techniques for customizing individual Yoga practices to suit specific needs. She specializes in one-on-one sessions with people all over the world who are looking to increase their physical, mental, and spiritual fitness level. Because of a lifelong struggle with chronic pain, she designed four Mindful Movement Techniques™ that she teaches to clients to help them become more attuned with their bodies, and rapidly excel in their physical Yoga practice. Qat is living proof that her techniques work, and over the years she has helped hundreds of people overcome chronic pain and improve their overall quality of life. She now spends the majority of her time in either a cozy Colorado mountain town in the USA, or beautiful beach village in southern India. But she frequently travels to assist students all over the world.


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
UE-617 Greatest You Summit 24 Weeks July 18, 2017