Dr Adison Wong

Assistant Professor

Don McGreal


David A. Frank


Deepika Jindal

Professional Teaching Fellow

Donna Murphy

Deputy Comptroller

Dean Vitté


Deepak Kumar

Sr. Cyber Intelligence

Daisy Auger-Dominguez

Chief People Officer

Dario Marčac


Davor Runje


Damir Ciglar

Founder and CEO

Douglas Aitken


Danny Brian

Distinguished VP Analyst

Dhruv Gupta


Denise Eide

Educator and Entrepreneur

Dr. Nour Bouhou

Construction Claims Expert

Dinesh Krishnan

Global Head

David Petricca

Senior Manager

Duane Redelsheimer

Global Accounts Manager

Deirdre Veldon

Deputy Editor

Dean Roper


Dorcas Gandhi

Associate Professor and Research Fellow

Denis Gabriel


Ding Ding

Vice President

Dominique Cadilhac

Head, Translational Public Health

Derrick Bennett


Dr. Diego Gormaz-Lobos

Research Assistant

Dr. Rosenna Bakari

Executive Director

Dave Abeleven

Managing Director

Dr. Neil Parsan

Senior Consultant

David Banks

Director of Marketing

Deb Wolf

Chief Marketing Officer

Dr. Nicole Wagne

Chief Executive Officer

Danielle Rosales

Communications Manager,

Dustin Haisler

Chief Innovation Officer

Dr. Homer Papadopoulos

Research Director

Dr. Ronald R. O’Donnell

Clinical Professor, Psychologist and Founding Director

Dr. Ronald R. O’Donnell

Clinical professor, Psychologist and Founding Director

D’Leene DeBoer

Regional Director

Dr. Ann Butt

Associate Professor

Dr. Emilian Rejane Marcon

Physical Educator

Dr. Kiana Aran

Associate Professor

Dr. Ange Rogers

Maths Education Lecturer

Dina Mendola

Instruction and Implementation Specialist

Dawn Dibley

Instruction Coach

Dr. Douglas Clements

Chair & Professor

Dionne Aminata


Deneen DiFiore

Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer

Dadong Yan

Portfolio Manager

David Weinberger

Writer, Speaker, Marketing writer, Ghostwriter

Dr Anna Mandozzi

Founder & CEO

Dan Roberts

CIO, Author, Speaker, Servant, Mentor, CEO

Dr. Bev Kaye

CEO and Founder

Dave Lounsbury


Dr. Pete Falloon

Change Manager

DeShaun N. Wise Porter

Global Head of Diversity

Daniela Porr

Solution Marketing

Daniel MacGregor

Co-Founder & Strategic Partnerships

Dr. Klaus Dohrmann

VP Innovation

Daniel Elkabe

Vulnerability Research Team Leader

Dylan Bryant


Dan Ruehl

Senior Software Implementation Specialist

Derek Bingham

Senior Developer Advocate

Dima Ghawi

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Influencer

Dan Heath


Douglas Reeves

International Keynoter, Researcher, and Author

Dr. Raj Sachdev

Dean & Assistant Professor

Dale Bertrand


David Cappuccio

Distinguished VP Analyst

Douglas Murdock

Chief Information Officer

David Ige


Dipu KV


Dawn Worsley


David Troxel


David Smith

Distinguished VP Analyst

Duncan Prosser

Sr Director Analyst

Daniel Betts

Sr Director Analyst

Dennis Smith

VP Analyst

Debra Logan

VP Analyst

Dave Wright


Dr. Allessandria Polizzi

Innovative Chief People Officer

David Miklas

Employment Law Attorney

Dana Brownlee

Corporate Trainer

David Noganosh

Principal and Founder

Dr. Julia Dittrich

Head of Fleet

Dave Garrett

Chief Strategy

David Jackson

Senior Medical Director

Dr. Huma Qamar

Senior VP

Deborah Petriuk

Public Complaint Director &

Drew Graham


David Gibson

Head of Operations

Douwe Bergsma

Chief Marketing Officer

Dr. Michelle Science

Medical Advisor

David Coulthard

MBE Former Formula One Driver

Dale Nally

Associate Minister

Dr. David Layzell

Energy Systems Architect

Dr. Jeff Griffin

Vice President

Dr Sheila Nguyen

Executive Director)

Dr. Jessica R. Murfree

Visiting Assistant Professor, Sport Management Division, Texas A&M University

Dale Vince


Dr Madeleine Orr

Founder & Co-Director

Dr Alison Little

Midwife Consultant

Dr Thomas Kitchen

Consultant Anaesthetist & Deputy Director

Dame Carolyn Fairbairn


Diana Verde Nieto

Co-Founder & CEO

David Wray

Global Accounting and Reporting Senior Director

Danny Thompson

Senior Vice President

Dipal Shah

Spiritual Teacher, Global Speaker, Podcaster and an Author

Dawn Crystal

Voice Sound Healer

Dana Stiffler

VP Analyst

Dwight Klappich

Dwight Klappich

David Gonzalez

VP Analyst

Duygu Turancı

Senior Graphic & Product Communication Designer

Danilo Pereira da Silva

Packaging Development Specialist

Daniel Locke

Packaging Leader

Dr Ching-Cheng Chang

Research Fellow, Professor

Douglas Chia


Dambisa Moyo


Dr Adrian Medhurst

Psychologist, Co-Founder

Daniele Loffreda

Senior Advisor

David Bessen

Director & Chief Information Officer

Dan Halverstadt

Vice President

Dave Hughes

Global Business Services Lead

Doreen Oliver

Writer, Performer, Speaker

David Cass

VP - Cyber & IT Risk

Drew Binsky

Video Content Creator

Datuk Musa Hj. Yusof

Deputy Director

Dr. Rehan Waheed

Senior Medical Director

Dr. Gilan El Saadawi

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Jeffrey Kuhlman

Senior Vice President & Chief Quality and Safety Officer

David M. Freeman

General Manager

Dr. Peter J. Embí

President & CEO

Danny Loe


Dave Marcelletti

Division Chair

Dan Marks

Chief Marketing Officer

David Friend

CEO and Co-Founder

Danielle Bergere

Talent Acquisition

Douglas Kent

Executive Vice President

David Higgins

Technical Director

Dustin Hovey

Associate Director

Divya Yerraguntla

Head of Commercial Management

Dr. Anita Phillips

Trauma Therapist and Host

Dustin Jizmejian

Director of Programs

Drew Aldrich

Managing Director

Dan Moore

Chief Operating Officer

Doug Wilson

Medical Director

Derek Farrell

Lecturer, Trainer, Consultant, Chartered Psychologist, Psychotherapist

Dr Kenneth V. Hardy

Professor, Author, Consultant

Deb Dana

Clinician, Consultant, Lecturer, Coordinator

Damian Repolle’

Chief IT Architect & Executive Director

Datuk Musa Yusof

Deputy Director General

Debra Ruh

CEO & Founder

Dale L. Roberts

Self-Publishing Advocate & Coach

Deepi Miller

Of Counsel

Dr. Rana Abdel

Executive Consultant

Don Shapiro

President and Founder

Dr. Fatin Hasani

School health Specialist Nurse

Dr. Kalliopi Megari

Clinical Neuropsychologist, Counseling Psychologist, Lecturer, Post doctoral researcher

Dr. Janice Linton

Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner, Educator, Certified Career Coach, Speaker

Dr. Theresa Capriotti

Clinical Professor

Dr. Alnita Jackson

Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. Barbara M Elliott

Assistant Professor

Dr. Aline Nassar

Board Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Dave Lewis

Global Advisory CISO

Donald Feinberg

Distinguished VP Analyst

Daljit Rehal

Chief Digital and Information Officer

Dave Isbitski

Chief Evangelist

Dave Nyczepir

Tech Reporter

Danielle Metz

Acting Deputy CIO

David Spirk

Chief Data Officer

Dominic Price

Work Futurist & TED speaker

Dr. Grigori Melnik

Chief Product Officer

Diya Jolly

Chief Product Officer

Darrien Gipson

National Director

David Lloyd

General Manager

David Temoshok

Senior Policy Advisor

David Kyle, PhD

Executive CChairman and Chief Science Officer

Dennis Elliot

Director of Energy

Debra Chanil


Diana Levy

Owner, CEO

Dr. Michael Dione

Veterinary Epidemiologist

Dr Julie Leask


Dame Sally Davies

Chief Medical Officer

Dr Keith Sumption

Chief Veterinary Officer

Dr. Otto Cars

Founder & Senior Adviser

Doris Hughes Green

CEO and Founder

Debi Waldeck


Dan Shropshire

Vice President

Dr Willy Dayan


Dr Susana Palma


Dr Rafi Romano

Specialist in OPrthodontics

Dr Graham Gardner

Specialist Orthodontist

Dr Catherine McCanny


Dr Alastair Smith


Donna Doleman Dickerson

Chief Marketing Officer

David Partain

Chief Marketing Officer

David Frost

Organisational Development Director

Dipanjan Das

Senior Director, General Manager

Dr. Anne Virden

Product Manager

Dr. Miriam Boehmler

Head of the Application and Support Department

Dr. Anthony Macherone

Sr. Scientist

Dr. Sheher Banu Mohsin

Senior Applications Scientist

Dr. Michael Dong

Principal Consultant

David Weaver


Daniel Snyder

VP Medical Affairs

Diane Turner

Supporting Analytical Scientists

Dr. John Kellie

Scientific Leader & Fellow

Dr. Mimi Roy

Executive Director

Deb Muro

CIO and RN

Duane Goucher


Dr Minako Morita-Jaeger

International Trade Policy Consultant

Dr Adam Marshall

Director General

Dominic Goudie

Head of International Trade

David Bailey

Executive Director

Doug Roerden

Head of Experience Design

Dan Caldwell

Senior Director

Dr. Daniel Dempsey

Manufacturing Innovation Manager

Dr. Beto Bina

Head of Sourcing & Innovation

Dr. Amandeep Panaser

Robac Business Manager

David Wright

Chief Data Officer

Desi Saran

Founder & CEO

Dr Kiren Vadher

Joint Head of Gender Equality Policy Team

Dr. Katja Raithel

Group Head

Dawn Moore

Group Director

Dr Tracey Leghorn

Chief HR and H&S Officer

David Henshall

President and CEO

David Henshall

President and CEO

Dr. Prakash Sanjeevaia

Director of Technology

Dr. Desiree Alexander

Education Consultant, Presenter, Speaker

Dee Lanier

Educational Technologist. Equity Enthusiast

Dr. Lindsay Portno

Cognitive Scientist, Professor, Parent

Dr. Sadia Husain Syeda

Principal Systems Engineer

Dr. Kenneth N. Clark

Senior Component Accountable Official, Chief Data Officer/Assistant Director

Dovarius Peoples

Chief Information Officer

Dara Treseder

Head of Global Marketing and Communications

Denisa R. Superville

Staff Writer

David Glennon

Digital Delivery Director

Dr. Anas Bataw


Diego Lo Giudice

Vice President and Principal Analyst

David Morris

Founder, Chairman & CEO,

David Bernert

Vice President and Digital Enterprise and Analytics Organization

Desiree Khoury

VP of Marketing & Business Development

Dana Vogel


Dan Pearce

Technology, Media and Communications Lawyer

David Widegren

Head of Maintenance & Asset Management

Doug Nielson

Senior Vice President

Dave Wilner

Chief Revenue Officer

David Corrigan

Vice President

Deana Werkowitch

Senior Vice President

Drew McFeetors


Dr. Daniel J. Ragsdale

Assistant Director for Cyber

Dr. Dewey Murdick

Director of Data Science

Dain Detillier

General Manager

Dr. Tristan Smith

Energy and Shipping

David Komjati


Dr. Bonnie Cheuk

Digital and Business Transformation Leader

David DeFreitas

Group CFO

Dutt Kalluri

SVP Office of CIO/SVP

Dave Stanke

Developer Advocate

Damien Mu

CEO and Managing Director

Don Scheibenreif

Distinguished VP Analyst

Daryl Plummer

Distinguished VP Analyst

Dan Gregory

Leadership and Behavior Speaker, Author and Social Commentator

Dr. Michael Gorriz

Group Chief Information Officer

Dr. Hannah Fry

Associate Professor

Diane Rehm

Executive Producer

Dr. Kate Darling

Leading Expert in Social Robotics & MIT Media Lab Research Specialist

Denise Millard

Senior Vice President

Dr. Mrs. Villoo Morawala

Patell Founder and CMD

David Joseph

President & CEO, Co-Founder

Dr. Aruna Korlimarla

Assistant Professor

Dr. Jens Ducree

Professor of Microsystems

Donn Ogilvie

Vice President

Douglas DeLancey

Chief, Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Strategy, Integration and Communications Section

Dr. Reginald Brothers

Former Under Secretary

Dr Bae-Hong Chen

Technical Account Manager

Dushyant Kumar

Chief Operating Officer& Executive Director

Deepti Kshirsagar

Partner, Director-Strategy & Design

Danette Beal

Senior Product Manager

Dhananjaya A Tambe

Deputy Managing Director & Chief Information Officer

Dr. Runa Gupta


Dave Hill

Principal Engineer

Dr. Gordon B. Kuttner

Senior Medical Director

Dawn Whaley


Dr. Romilla Batra

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Jacqueline Walters

Philanthropist, Health Expert, and award-winning OBGYN

Dharmesh Mehta

VP, Customer Trust & Partner Support

Dr. Jennifer Harris

Senior Research Advisor

David Lemley

Founder, President & Chief Strategist

David Dickinson

Chair of Education

Dr. Gabe Paolleti

Mental Fitness Scientist

Dr. Gloria Park

Director of Performance Psychology

Dr. Sherri Davidson


Dr. Cathy Slemp

Public Health Professional. Former Commissioner and State Health Officer

Dr. Ali Al Lawati, M.D.

Internal Medicine Specialist

Dr. Nadir Mir Ali, M.D.

Interventional Cardiologist

Dr. Jeffry N. Gerber, M.D

Family Physician and Owner

Dr. Eric C. Westman, M.D.

Associate Professor

Dr. Thomas Ryan

Chief Information & Strategy Officer

Dr. Brian D. Beitzel

Director, Professor

Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Author, Journalist

Dr. Jude Currivan

Cosmologist, Planetary Healer, Futurist

Dr. David R Hamilton

Speaker, Trainer and Author

Drs. JJ and Desiree Hurtak

Social Scientists, Futurists and Founders

Dr. Carlo Ventura

Chief Scientific Officer, Professor

Dr. Pillai

Teacher, Spritual Leader, Author

David Fapohunda

Managing Director

Dr. Betty Moon

Industry Executive Advisor

Dan Armstrong

Chief Digital Officer

David Jimenez

Global Managing Director

David McCarty

Executive Consultant

Dessalin Wood

Chief People Officer

Duaa Hammoda, PhD

Director of Service Excellence

Danielle Krakora

Product Manager

Donna M. Brown

Associate Hospital Administrator

Dr. Helge Berg

Director BioManufacturing Science

Dara Meath

VP, Information Technology

Daniel Veiner

Global Head

David Zahn

Head of European Fixed Income

Danielle L. Barton

Wellness Coach, Speaker

Darian Boone

Speaker, Founder

Dr. Amelia Hall

Psychologist, Speaker

Dan Grant

Managing Director and CEO

Dr. Tony Ebel

Chiropractor, Pediatric Chiropractor

Douglas Neal, Psy.D

Psychologist, Founder, Owner and Director

Dave Appert

VP Customer Care

Davonne Reaves

Hospitality Strategist,,Commercial Real Estate Investor, Published Author

Drew Schiller

CEO & Co-Founder

Dr.Chandana (CHANDI) Jayawardena

President, Leadership Coach, Management Consultant, Hotelier, Educator, Writer, Editor, Poet, Artist, Global Traveler, Accredited Bridge Teacher & Director

Dr. Joey Von Nessen

Research Economist

Dr. Mike Walden

Professor & Extension Economist

Dave Simpson

President & CEO

Daniel Chew

Head of Finance Systems and Projects

Deborah Kops


Dharanidharan Subramaniam

Director, HR Technology

Dan Goldman

Global Vice President of Strategy

Dr. Yang Cong

VP Data Science

Donnie Weissberg

Head of Warehousing, Transportation & Last Mile, Americas

Danish Bagadia

Head of Performance Media Marketing

Daniel Winterstein

Founder and CTO

Dr. Leann Benedetti

Veterinarian and Coach

Dr. Katherine Kramer

Founding Chair of its Veterinary Advisory Board

Dr. Nora Grant


Dr. Laurie Fonken

Veterinarian & Director of Counselling and Wellness Programs

Dr. Colleen Fisher


Dr. Naomi Hoyer

Assistant Professor and Service Chief

Diane Delmain

Assistant Clinical Professor

Dara Panahy


Dr. Marie Mbouni

Founder and CEO

Don Jose Ruiz

Author and Speaker

Daniel J Foor

Author, Teacher and Practitioner

Dr. Alberto Villoldo

Medical Anthropologist, Founder

DJ Drake


Dan Devone

Television Sportscaster

Diana Kelley

Volunteer, Security CTO, Executive Advisor, Board Member, Keynote Speaker

David Novo, Phd


David King, PhD

Vice President

Danyel Moe


Dr. Roy Vore

Board Member, Microbiologist, and Recreational Water Illness Expert

Dave Smith

Senior Developer Advocate

Dave Pensado

Mix Engineer

David Shadoan


Danny Kortchmar

Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer

David Goggin

President, Award-winning Photographer, Journalist, and Author

Doug DeAngelis

Producer, Composer, Music Supervisor, & Conference Chair

Dan Daley

Independent Journalist

David McKeand

Territory Manager

Deepanshu Singh

Strategy-Category expert

DP Agrawal


Dr. Kiran Bedi

Governor, Author, Awardee, Asian Tennis

Dr. Shashi Tharoor

Member of Parliament

Dana Barsky

Managing Director, COO and Head of External Partnerships

Danielle Pavliv

Sr. Diversity + Inclusion Manager

Dee McDougal

SVP of Diversity & Inclusion

Dionna Steed

Talent Acquisition

Doug Speight

Founder, CEO & Chief Innovator

Dr. Nicole Garner Scott

Serial Entrepreneur & Finance Expert and Coach

DJ Sir Jay Boogie

Entrepreneur & DJ

DJ Opzzy

Agency Owner & DJ

Danielle Alexander

Real Estate Agent

Dawn Dickson

Entrepreneur & Influencer

Doc West

Principal, Community Activist & Life Coach


Radio Personality, DJ, Beauty Expert & Content Creator

David Easthope

Senior Vice President

Dan Mossissa

Director of Strategic Architecture

Dr Kevin Rome


Dewey Norwood

SVP, Relationship Manager

DJ Cuzzin B


Dejan Deklich

Chief Product Officer

Dr. Richard Teare

Co-founder and President

Dr. Mihee Kang


David Kincaid

Associate Fellow

Dr. Emmanuel Favaloro

Principal Hospital Scientist

Dr. Greg Dale

Director of Sport Psychology and Leadership Programs

Deb Hult

Co- Founder

Deanna Singh

Speaker, Certified Coach & Consultant, Author

Dr. Laurie Santos

Cognitive Scientist and Professor

Dr. Matthew Walker

Professor of Neuroscience

Dr. David Katz

Public Health Expert

David Osborne

Chief Executive Officer,

Dr. Jerry Burns

Owner & Founder

David Janash

President and CEO​

Dr. Aman Kaur

DSO Strategy Developer & Growth Accelerator

Dr. Lori Noga

Founder & CEO,

Dr. Glenn Vo


Dr. Rick Workman

Founder & Executive Chairman

David Klee

Founder & Chief Architect

Denny Cherry

Owner & Principal Consultant

Duke McDonald


Dr. Poo Kuan Hoong

Principal Machine Learning

David Sherris

Chief Executive Officer

Dharti Tripathi

National Board Member

Deirdre Cooper

Portfolio Manager

Dr. Nasha Winters

Founder, Visionary and CEO

Dr. Kristen Mancinelli

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and author

Dr. Qiang Huang

Full Professor

Dana Maringo

Computational Designer

Devid Zille


Dr Eve Christine Gadzikwa

Standards & Quality Infrastructure Expert, Certified Coach, Practitioner Corporate, Governance Expert

Dr Ryan Noach

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu

National Coordinator, Chief Executive Officer

Dr Amit Kapoor

Honorary Chairman

David Damberger

Chief Strategy and Data Officer

Dr Patrick Singa

Medical Director

Donald Rebhun

Regional Medical Director

David B. Nash

Founding Dean

David Brailer

Executive Chairman

Daniel Wright

Chief Digital Officer

Daisy Pozzi

Senior Business Dev. Manager

Dhanavanth Venkatesan

Founder and CEO

Darren Klein

General Manager

Debbie Henderson

Data Strategy Implementation Director

Daryl Maas

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Holly Arnold

Founder, Consultant, Author, Educator, and Advocate

David Close

Chief Solutions Architect

Drake LeSage

Solutions Architect

David Stoicescu

Deputy CISO

Derek Kwan

Manager, Systems Engineering

David Terei

Senior Staff Software Engineer

Dan Rogers


Dr. Fairoza Amira Binti Hamzah

Ambassador, Lead Researcher, Machine Learning Engineer

Dr. Lakshmana Kumar Ramasamy

Assistant Professor, Board of Directors & Chief Research Scientist

Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy

Chief Data Scientist

Dr. Carole Nakhle

CEO, Founder and Director

David Balazic

Managing Partner & Chief Client Satisfier

Danny Goodwin

Executive Editor

Daniel Ritchie

Distinguished Engineer

Doug Tedder

Principal Consultant

Dave Uffer


Dan Purvis

CEO & Founder

Don Haderle

Former VP and CTO, Information Management

Deepti Sharma

Database Engineer

Deryck Mitchelson

Chief Information Officer , Chief Information Security Officer

Dr. Marzia Del Re

Pharmacogenetics Lab Associate Director

Dr. Aram Chung

Associate Professor

Dr. Leo Chan

Technology R&D Manager

Dr. Herve Tiriac

Assistant Research Scientist

Dr. Will Brackenbury

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Amanda Hummon

Associate Professor

Dr. Bruno Sainz

Assistant Professor

Dr. Daniel Connors

Vice President Research And Development

Derek Thomas

Vice President of Business Development