Churng-Faung Lee


Cecilia Ku

General Manager

Carey Officer

Vice President

Colt Hatcher


Carlo Bifulco

Medical Director

Cynthia Wilson

Executive Director

Caitlin Halferty

Client Engagement Executive

Clive Finlay

Chief Technology Officer

Chasity Polk

Product Manager

Christoph Schmitt

Chief Editor

Caitlin Collins

Organizational Psychologist

Carleigh Whitman

Managing Member

Chris Carson


Christian Hohlfeld

Senior Executive Manager

Cecilia Campbell

Chief Marketing Officer

Catalina Albeanu

Digital editor

Carol Ann Tomlinson

Professor Emeritus

Christian Gunge Riberholt

Postdoctoral Researcher

Cristian Spadoni

Laboratory Manager

Crystal Danbury

Group Head of Safety & Insurance

Carlos Ortiz Reguer

Director of Marketing

Christopher Leake

Senior Vice President

Camille Alleyne

Deputy Program Manager

Cordell Schachter

Chief Information Officer

Chris Rein

Chief Technology Officer

Chris DeRusha

Federal Chief Information Security Officer

Christina Rose

CEO & Co-Founder

Celeste Yuen Yuet-mui

Associate Professor

Carole Mundell


Caroline Beckmann

Senior Director

Cavan Yu

Sr. Director

Christine Gritmon

Social Media & Personal Brand Strategist

Celine Lescop

Lead Digital Sustainability & Data Architect

Cathy Rainsford

General Manager

Cathryn Lavery

Founder, CEO

Cat Howell


Courtney Connley

Senior Editor at Chief

Crawford Hamilton

Head of Freighter Marketing

Christina Rhylander

Digital and Acquisition Transformation

Chris Hughes

Co-Founder & CISO

Caroline Wong

Chief Strategy Officer

Clarence Wong

Chief Economist

Cherilyn Ireton

Executive Director

Christian Schiller

Co-founder & CEO

Christina Dixon

Deputy Ocean Campaign Lead

Chris Walker

Senior Product Manager

Claire Calmejan

Chief Innovation Officer

Christine Alvarez

Chief Clinical Officer

Charles Brown

Founder & Principal

Charlene Apok

Gender Justice & Healing Director

Chris Schult

Vice President

Cyn-Young Park


Curtis Midkiff


Cory Kallheim

Vice President

Cliff Harvey

Chief Planning Officer

Christophe Owttrim

Senior Business Partner

Charles Dimmler

Co-founder and CEO,

Claudia Galindo

High Performance Athlete

Cyrill Gutsch

Founder & CEO

Christopher Osos

Head of Marketing & eCommerce Strategy

Chris Smith


Christa Sys

Chair on Transport, Logistics and Ports

Cristina Dragomir

Vice President, General Secretary

Cathrine Armour

Chief Customer Officer, Executive Sponsor

Claudia Paschkewitz

Managing Director

Capt. Ayse Asli Basak

Port Captain, Co-Founder

Colette Talbot

Head of Transformation

Caroline Chumakov

Sr Principal Analyst

Christoph Langwallner

CEO and Co-founder

Carolina Garcia

Global Digitalization Manager

Casey Walter

Senior Manager

Chad Easterling

Chief Executive Officer

Cara Sylvester

EVP, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer

Colm Flanagan

Head of Regional Chains

Colleen Cusick


Caroline Florence

Caroline Florence

Caroline Florence

Insight Narrator

Christine Warner

Vice President

Carla Harris

Vice Chairman, Managing Director and Senior Client Advisor

Carlos Moreno

VP Global Supply Chain

Cameron Curry

Senior Principal

Chandra Sekar

Senior Director

Chet Damania

Senior Manager

Camille Lee

Head of Immunology

Chris Nugent

Associate Director

Cheryl Luke


Christopher Yuan

Speakerr, Author, Bible Professor

Cynthia Millsaps

CEO and Founder

Christiane Essl


Clayton Moore

Senior Scientific Sales Executive

Cheryl Lebens

VP, Chief Risk & Strategy Officer

Chris Smith

Executive Vice President

Chikal Patel

Internist, Geriatrician and Hospice and Palliative Medicine trained physician

Carly Zipp

Global Head

Carolina Milanesi

Principal Analyst

Chris Merz

Vice President

Celia Fleischaker

Chief Marketing Officer

Charles Li

Chief Data Officer

Camila Coelho

Fashion & Beauty Entrepreneur

Carlie Idoine

Sr Director Analyst

Colleen Harris

Product Manager

Carmen Collins

Sr. Social Media and Talent Brand Manager

Crystal Marie McDaniels

Senior Marketing Strategy & Insights Manager

Clarence Anthony

CEO and Executive Director

Chuck Gose

Senior Strategic Advisor

Chris Berger

Vice President

Callie McConnell

Senior Product Manager

Christopher Hills

Deputy Chief Technology OfficeR

Chuck Brooks

Cybersecurity Evangelist

Carrie Dougherty, MD

FAHS Associate Professor of Neurology

Carl Cincinnato

Producer, Host, Speaker and Patient Advocate

Cody Farmer

Integrations Product Manager

Chloe Amstein


Claire Routley


Cherian Koshy

Director of Development

Christine Coutolenc

VP Digital Strategy & Wealth Management

Chris Hatfield

Head of eBusiness

Colin Brownez

EVP Chief Supply Chain and Sustainability Officer

Catherine D’Ignazio

Assistant Professor

Christer Lundh

Founder and President

Christopher Callahan

Chief Information Security Officer

Christian Weidner

Product Manager

Crecia Magee, CPC

President, Principal Talent Executive

Carol Hoang

Vice President

Christopher Sutton

Creative Director

Chris Van Wesep

Sr. Director Product Marketing

Cindy Bolt

Senior Vice President

Curtis Campbell

Senior Marketing Manager

Chris Jacquet

Information Security Expert

Christina Stembel

Founder & CEO

Carina Ahlberg

Head of Customer Experience

Caren Cheng

Head of Customer & Fulfillment

Chee Ho Yoon

Assistant Vice President Customer Experience

Chris Bade

VP Field Service & Customer Support

Chris Wenger

Speech-Language Pathologist

Charlotte Sweeney

Inclusion, Diversity and Equality Specialist

Carol Rosati

Lead ED&I Specialist

Candice Cross

Global Director

Carolyn Jones

Award-winning Photographer and Filmmaker Author

Curtis Peterson

SVP Operations

Constance Ißbrücker

Head of Environmental Affairs

Christina D. Bethell

Author, Professor of public health

Christen Geiler

Digital Information Specialist

Carlene C. Ileto

Acting Chief Data Officer & Deputy Executive Director

Chirlane McCray

First Lady of New York City

Cathal McGee

Senior Project Manager

Cindy Szabo

Corporate Vice President

Chris Rand

Producer & Research Manager

Chris Barlow

Vice President

Chiara Venuti

Business Development Director and Airline Partner

Cameron Macdonald

Team Leader

Chris Bowen

Chief Privacy & Security Officer and Founder

Cris Ewell

Chief Information Security Officer

Carlos Arglebe

Head of Cybersecurity

Clyde Fernandez

Regional Sales Director

Camille McMahon

Head of People & Culture

Craig Simpkins

Director Finance Integration & Transformation

Carl-Philip Koenen

Global Head

Carolyn Basyn

Global CIO & GBS Officer

Christina ‘CK’ Kerley

Speaker, Futurist, Author, Strategist

Clark Golestani

Managing Director Advisor, Investor, Board Member

Candace Fleming

VP and CIO

Chan Cheow Hoe

Government Chief Digital Technology Officer

Cindy Novak – DeLaurell

Laboratory Operations Systems Manager

Chief W. Barnett Jones

Chief Security and Integrity Officer

Chang Liu

Market Analyst

Chakravarthi AVPS

Global Ambassador

Chris McGug

Senior Vice President

Carl Gribble

Former Manager, Director of Design

Christy Mcleod

Senior Innovation Designer

Claire Smith


Cynthia Thurlow

Nurse Practitioner, Intermittent Fasting & Nutrition Expert, Speaker, Founder & CEO

Curtis Childs


Camila Russo


Carey O’Connor Kolaja

Chief Operating Officer

Christina Saull

Lead Public Information Officer

Connor Hagan

Public Affairs Officer

Craig Schleicher

SVP, Head of Innovation

Corwin Stone

Senior Director

Charaf El-Hami

Chief Data Officer

Christopher Kopinski

Business Development Leader

Cornelia Thieme

Director Global Manufacturing Science

Cathy Gibson

Head of Dealing

Charles-Albert Lehalle

Head of Data Analytics

Christoph Hock

Global Head of Trading

Clive Neal


Charles F. Bolden

Former Administrator & Astronaut

Christina A. Samuels

Associate Editor

Catherine Gewertz

Senior Contributing Writer

Courtney Burns

VP, Global Recruiting

Christy Hall

Secretary of Transportation

Chinmayee Rathi

Senior Product Manager

Camila Borda Kaul

Head of Sales Development and Strategy

Charles “Chuck” Ballaro

VP of Product Development,

Carter Hallett

Director of Strategy

Conor Leary

Senior Associate

Christian Widmann

Principal Global Category Lead

Chiranjeev Singh

Head of Marketing

Christophe Cazes

Regional VP Asia-Pacific

Christina Sanders

Inbound Marketing Manager

Casey Hall


Christi Olson

Head of Evangelism

Cherise Bernard

Academic Relations, Talent Acquisition

Chad Kodary

Chief Executive Office

Camila Stadum

E-Commerce Marketer

Colette Campbel

Director of Talent Acquisition

Camille Grade

Vice President of Marketing & Customer Experience

Chris Hallenbeck

Americas CISO

Cody Sanford

EVP & Chief Information and Product Officer

Claire McArdle

Managing Director

Chris Andrews

Strategic Partnership & Collaboration Leader

Craig Liasi

Head of Product Marketing

Caitlin Long

Founder & CEO

Cornelius Hanung

Human Rights Defender

Carlos Agell

Program Manager

Cassandra Melvin

Director of Operations

Chhavi Rajawat

Former Sarpanch

Caroline Sullivan

Executive Director

Courtney White

Head of Human Resources

Christopher Martin

Security Specialist

Charles Keane

Security Specialist

Chris Finlay

Chairman, CEO

Charles Dwyer

Former Director, Global Technology & Operations

Chris Taylor

Chief Operating Officer

Carina Schulze

Chatrone Partner; Executive Producer, Writer

Camille Eden

Vice President

Conor Feighan

Secretary General

Clara Ng

Procurement Manager

Christina SS Ooi

Group Procurement Officer

Chae-Ung Um

Global Head of Procurement

Chris Hyde

Owner & Principal Consultant

Chris Cabrera

Founder and CEO

Chris Schreiber

Product Strategist

Colby DeRodeff

Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

Chris Romano

Senior Consultant

Chris Key

Senior Vice President

Ceci Connolly

President and CEO

Chuki Obiyo

Founder & Chief Coaching Officer

Carol McNerney

Chief Marketing Officer

Cinny Little

Principal Analyst

Chan Kin Peng

Founding CEO

Carolyn Ketchum

Food Writer/Recipe Developer/Blogge

Christopher Cho

Mechanical Engineer , Senior Application Engineer, Co-Founder

Chaw Sing Ho

Managing Director

Clarence Nethengwe

Managing Director

Christelle Kwizera

Engineer, Entrepreneur, Life Transformer

Chiron Lum

Associate Director

Choo Yee Ling

Chief Financial Officer

Cassandra Craven

Social Media Manager

Cara Sayer

Founder,Award-winning Entrepreneur, Amazon expert, Chief Sleep Officer

Craig Napier

Chief Data Officer

Chris Malcolm

Head of Enterprise Data & Analytics

Ciara McGoohan

General Manager

Clarke Pauley

Vice President

Caz Gaddis

Certified Professional Coach, Keynote Speaker, Storyteller, Host

Connor Smith

Solutions Architect

Chris Graham

Solutions Architect

Charles Edge

Chief Technology Officer

Chad Swarthout

Founder and CEO

Chris Wahl

Chief Technologist

Chris Maino

Solution Architect

Christopher Lumnah

Solutions Architect

Chris Gates


Charalambos Petras

Founder, Leadership & Performance Coach

Chris Dodge

Owner & Managing Director

Catherine Howarth

Chief Executive

Carolyn Reckhow

Head of Business Development and Strategy

Charles d’Haussy

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Carrie Cherveny

Senior Vice President, Strategic Client Solutions and Compliance

Cory Jorbin

Chief Compliance Officer

Christina Quaine

CISO, SVP Technology Operations

Coley Burke

Chief Revenue Officer

Chris Chagnon

ITSM Architect

Christopher Geiger

Director Enterprise Risk and Sustainability

Cathy Wilburn

Director of Quality Assurance and Compliance

Colton Turner

Sr. Human Factors Specialist

Chad Gibson

Managing Partner

Chris DuPont

CEO and Co-founder

Carolyn Jameson

Chief Legal and Policy Officer

Ciaran Dynes

Senior Vice President

Christina Comben

Journalist, Editor, Content Manager

Carri Twigg

Cultural strategist and former White House Staffer

Chris Lamb

VP Compute Software

Clive Thompson

Science and Technology Journalist and Author

Connie Brenton

Chief of Staff, Sr. Director of Legal Operations

Colleen Brown

Corporate Board Director, CEO, Founder

Carl Wong

Co-founder and Principal Analyst

Christine Reilley

Senior Director

Caroline Hill


Christopher Hollins

Managing Director, General Manager

Caroline A. Wanga

Cultural Architect

Christophe Najdovski

Deputy Mayor

Carla Wiessing

Yoga Instructor

Carol J. Dunlop

designer, Speaker, Tech Geek, Author

Cal Coakley

Director of Sales

Cory Hillis

Principal Inventor and Lead Designer

Candyce Estave

Speaker, Entrepreneur

Carolyn Gammicchia

Speaker, Entrepreneur

Clara Bellar


Cath Fraise

Founder Executive Director

Ciara Sun

VP of Global Business

Chade-Meng Tan

International Best Selling Author, Co-Founder

Christian Kameir

Managing Partner

Chris Wise

Founder and Growth Expert

Carlos Cruz-Casas

Assistant Director

Chloe Spano

Vice President

Chris Pangilinan

Head of Global Policy

Carsten Brinkmeyer

Head of Sales

Chris Ladner


Cari May

Marketing Manager

Christine Graf

Sustainability Manager

Christie Gamble

Senior Director

Corey Pellegren

Security Engineer

Christopher hills

Deputy Chief Technology Officer

Charlie Cain

Former Vice President

Catherine Lamb

Content strategist

Chris Albrecht

Editor In Chief

Candice Quadros

Director of Program

Colin Campbell

Growth Manager, Outreach & Managing Director

Chris Long


Collin Seow

The Systematic Trader,Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author, Prop Trader

Chris Sawtelle

ICM Partners, TalentX Client Representative

Claire Goodill

Head of Partnerships

Curtis Christopherson

President & CEO

Catherine Wragg

SVP of Human Resources

Christopher Dobrec

Vice President Product Marketing

Chris McMasters

Chief Information Officer

Connor Gorman

Principal Engineer

Curtis Rissi

Sr. Partner Solutions Architect

Chris Gaun

Product Manager

Cara Harbstreet, RD

Registered Dietitian, Owner

Constance Cullman

President and CEO

Candace Croney, PhD

Director, Professor

Corey Weisinger

Data Scientist

Christina Krause


Cody Huie


Cassandra Herring


Corey Golla


Christina Dixon


Chad d’Entremont

Executive Director

Cierra Cooper

Post- Baccalaureate Fellow

Cheryl Broadnax

Senior Director

Chris Biddix

Assistant Dean of Culture

Cynthia Barron

Assistant Clinical Professor & Program Coordinator

Chris Backous

Senior Transformation Sensei

Carlos Azcoita


Chipp Norcross

Vice President

Catherine Brown

Vice President, Executive Education

Chipp Norcross

Vice President

Charlene Li

Author and Expert on Digital Transformation

Cynthia Wilson

Vice President for Learning and Chief Impact Officer

Cynthia M. Proctor

Director of Communications and Academic Policy Development

Candice Carr

Senior Attorney-Modern Legal

Cindy MacBean

Litigation Support

Cassie Breviu

Cloud Developer Advocate

Charles Betz

Lead DevOps Analyst

Christopher Haggan

Product Manager

Christine Perry

Vice President

Caleb Kow


Chris Wolff

Adventurer, Firefighter

Cheryl Stacy WoodToto

CEO and Marketing

Cait Lamberton

Distinguished Professor of Marketing

Carrie Chlebanowski

Co-Owner, Co-Operator

Chris Patton

Certified Organic & Sustainably grown

Curtis Stone

Author, Public Speaker, Content Creator, Entrepreneur & Founder

Charlotte Smith

Marketing Training, Diversified Farm, Speaking, Coaching

Cliff Young


Christopher A. Boone

Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management

Chuck Losinski


Chris Mulhall

VP Talent & Organizational Effectiveness

Carol Feskanin

Sr. Benefits Manager

Charles H. Carlin

Associate Professor

Chris Atley

CEO and Founder

Clémence Tiradon

Director of Product Management

Catherine Callaway

VP, Marketing & Development,

Charles Nicholls

Senior Vice President

Corey Case

Vice President

Catherine Cronin Carotta

Associate Director

Claude Mallet

Senior Consulting Scientist

Chris Bailey

Vice President

Crystal Kershaw

Associate Head of School, Director of Counseling

Chris Trufan

Software Architect

Chuck Kesler

Chief Information Security Officer

Corey Mitchell

Staff writer

Clay Hebert

Speaker, Entrepreneur

Carrie Harper

Owner, Writer, Speaker, Teacher, Trainer

Chanelle Neilson

Entrepreneur & Business, Speaker

Cayla Craft

Sales Strategist, Speaker

Clayton Wood

Digital Marketing Consultant

Carolyn Baird

Global Research Leader

Carole LaRochelle

Information Governance & Records Administrator

Caitlin Rexhaj

Senior Program Manager

Craig Harris

AVP, Senior Principal, Customer Success

Chandra L. Ford

Associate Professor

Carl Lehmann

Principal Analyst , Architecture

Christina A. Samuels

Associate Editor

Chris Wysopal

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Chuck Feltz

Executive, Management, Consultant , Author

Colin Gillingham

Associate Director

Christian Buckley

Providing Independent Research, Product Marketing

Chuck Lauer

Sr. Advisor

Crystal Sullivan

Social media listening specialist

Cynthia Harrison

Founding Director Healing Arts

Carlyn Montes De Oca

Animal-Human Health Expert, Acupuncturist, Speaker, and Bestselling Author

Christopher Miles

Astrologer, Aromatherapist, and Intuitive Counselor

C. Akua Wright

Holistic Health Professional, Energy Medicine Practitioner and Author

Christina Ferdinando

Regional Channel Manager

Craig Forman

Sr. People Scientist, Culture Amplifier, Leadership Coach

Christine Tao

Co-founder & CEO

Christina Luconi

Chief People Officer

Charlotte Wibberley

Online Business Strategist, Infusionsoft Certified Consultant, VA Trainer, Business Coach

Catherine Watkin

Selling from the Heart | Heart-Centred Sales Expert | Sales Training | Consultancy | Business Mentoring

Chris Meyer

Senior Technical Staff Member


Founder & Executive Director - Ascend Learning & Educational Consulting

Courtney Macfarlane

Marketplace Channel Analyst

Cori Lamon

Director of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs

Cara Meiselman


Carolina Adler

Environmental Scientist & Geographer, Executive Director

Cami Tavares

Principal Product Manager

Clinton Ford

Sr. Product Manager

Cynthya Peranandam

Principal Product Marketing Manager

Curran O’Brien

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Christopher S. Penn

Co-Founder and Chief Innovator , Digital Marketer, Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker

Carlos Hidalgo

Speaker, Author

Craig Fugate

FEMA Administrator

Chris Tarantino

CEO and FEMA Instructor

Christopher Shanahan

Global Director , Thought Leader, Data-driven Decision Support

Cristiano Muller

Consultant , Corporate Speaker, Professional Alpinist

Caroline BOROT

Strategic Marketing & Business Development Manager

Chad Musser


Chris Munns

Principal Developer Advocate

Chris Grubbs

Enterprise Mobility

Chrissie Juliano

Senior Director

Corey Hicks


Clara Rufai

Lawyer, Compliance Manager, Author,Speaker,Coach,Mentor, Strategist, Founder

Craig Le Clair

Vice President, Principal Analyst

Christopher Wilson

M.A. Organizational Leadership

Chris Carlson

VP of Product Management

Christi Gilhoi

Employee engagement leader

Corey Edwards

Director of social media

Cory Edwards


Colin Connor

Threat Intelligence and Cyber Forensics Director

Cecilia Cackley

Puppeteer, Playwright, Teaching Artist, Writer

Chris Brown

Professor , Reference Librarian

Christine Kreger

Senior Consultant

Christopher Voce

Vice President & Research Director

Camilla Kristiansen


Carina Lyall


CarolAnn DeSimine

Women's Empowerment & Creative Business Coach

Cliff LaCoursierie

Vice President

Cynthia Wright

Principle Cybersecurity Engineer and CEO

Casey Reid

Principal Security Enginee

Carol Kaffenberge

Faculty Associate , Associate Professor

Chuck Black

Senior Software Engineer

Claudio Belloli

Program Manager

Christy Iwuchukwu

Founder, chief Executive Officer

Cassandra Mondesir

Executive Assistant

Carl Bourne


Chris Peters

Analytics Manager

Chris Slovak

Company Vice President

Carolyn Evert

Director of media relations

Carolyn Settle

Psychotherapist , Consultant , Speaker , Author, Researcher

Craig Brammer

CEO & President