Mark Kosoglow


Mark Kosoglow


Mark Kosoglow, Outreach’s Vice President of Sales, is saying this at a gathering of Inside Sales professionals. It is based on more than his own experiences. It is an idea born of conversations he has daily with sales leaders all over the world. The pressure to grow sales is suffocating. The expectations of boards, shareholders, and executives have become unrealistic due to the revenue growth of outliers like Apple, Facebook, and Amazon. Mark will show you why what we are asking sales people to do is impossible, and the tangible ways to empower your sales team past those challenges.


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
UE-1745 RPA Asia 2020 Online Event 2 Days June 16, 2020
UE-874 Reiki Healing Summit Winter 2018 49 Weeks January 22, 2018
UE-645 Productivity Virtual Summit 15 Weeks September 18, 2017
UE-648 The Virtual Change Management Summit 25 Weeks July 12, 2017
UE-469 2nd Annual Black Sustainability Online Summit 31 Weeks May 25, 2017
UE-008 The Sales Kickoff Summit 45 Weeks February 23, 2016