Lindsey Berkson

Lindsey Berkson  is a hormone scholar and nutrition expert known for connecting the dots of diverse research and teaching physicians as well as the public. Berkson combines science with humor. Dr. Berkson started out with a master’s degree in nutrition from Goddard. Then went to Western States University with co-education at National Naturopathic College, graduating with a chiropractic license from Western States from Oregon where chiropractic physicians are primary care providers. Berkson is triple board certified in nutrition (American Clinical Board of Nutrition, Certified Nutrition Specialists, Applied Clinical Nutritionist.) Berkson has authored over 25 books. Her book on endocrine disrupting pollutants, Hormone Deception – McGraw-Hill, is 1 of the early breakthrough books, Safe Hormones is one of the first books on the science behind bioidentical hormones, Natural Answers for Women, Simon & Schuster, is the only guide on 220 conditions and how hormones play a role in incidence and treatment for women. Berkson was a scholar at an estrogen think tank at Tulane U. Berkson trains doctors of all modalities in CEU courses, and through seminars, books and radio shows translates science into how the public can be better informed and entertained.Berkson formulated 1st nutrient line 4 women 4 physicians by Metagenics, (Fem Line), and other nutraceuticals w Drs. Gaby, J. Wright and Leo Galland. Berkson co-invented 1st whole house H20 filter.Berkson collaborated on a new drug for dialysis and diabetic patients with Dr. Kenneth Burton (Dr. to Eisenhower) and Dr. J. Moncrief (co-inventor – CAPD). Drs. Moncrief, Bryan and Berkson pub original dialysis data, 2013, with U of TX Med School (Houston). Berkson co-invented a bioidentical patent with J Wright MD.Berkson’s passion and mission is to show how balanced hormones & HRT promote healthier more vibrant lives and how hormones, nutrition and digestion form a critical triangle.

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UE-918 Heavy Metals Summit 48 Weeks January 29, 2018