Gregory Karelitz


Gregory Karelitz


Gregory Karelitz Growth & Startup Business Development Manager, HubSpot for Startups. I am the owner of WebDude. While I cover a variety of topics, I mainly focus on subjects relating to sales, marketing, business growth, customer acquisition, advertising, and new technology trends. If you’re looking to improve your business online, you’ve made it to the right place. For those interested, I am computer science, sales, and marketing nerd. At HubSpot, I started in sales and was fortunate to make Presidents Club twice – once as a business development representative and once as an Account Executive (my first year in the funnel). Currently, at HubSpot, I work with some of the most promising startups with a focus on customer acquisition and growth. When I’m not at my computer designing websites, coding, or researching, you can find me at the gym, hanging with friends, wakeboarding, fishing, or at the top of a ski mountain with my GoPro. I’m a BIG family guy and feel fortunate to see my family frequently as we’re all located in or around Boston.

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ID Event Name Duration Start Date
UE-703 Launch Summit 15 Weeks September 18, 2017