Glenn Bridges


Glenn Bridges


Glenn Bridges is a 6-year veteran of webinar marketing to attract more high-qualified leads and buyers in a elegant and lucrative way that differs greatly in an industry full of over hyped pitch-fest marketing which scares more people off than creates sales.   Unlike most of Glenn’s peers who’ve “recently” jumped on the webinar bandwagon  after selling info-products, Glenn’s experience widely ranges from selling physical products,  services, workshops, coaching and even high ticket items including Aston Martin’s.  However today, Glenn mainly focuses on servicing a small number of clients in the health & wealth fields who want to scale their 1:1 businesses not with more clients but with  more efficiency, higher profit margins and way less hassle not by adding in more ingredients but by finding the perfect combination for an individual business.

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ID Event Name Duration Start Date
UE-322 Small Business Online Summit 62 Weeks October 20, 2016
UE-283 Fitness Entrepreneurs 67 Weeks September 19, 2016