George Naddaff


George Naddaff


George Naddaff is a serial entrepreneur and founder of New Boston Chicken, or Boston Market. Born in Boston in 1930 to a pair of immigrant parents, Naddaff learned all of his business tips from the Great Depression – which he spent the most of his childhood in. His father owned a grocery store at the time, but it would later go out of business. To earn money, Naddaff and his brothers would shine shoes. Their father built them a shine kit, and the group would wander through downtown Boston in search of clients. He would give the clients — mostly sailors — a spit shine and charge a dime. The sailors would give him 25 cents; Naddoff would rummage through his pockets in search of change. The customer would get frustrated with the wait and just say “Keep the change.” That was how he learned his first business technique.

At 13, he worked as a baker’s helper in a restaurant. He mopped floors, washed pots and so on. One day he was able to work at the front counter with the customers, and he did such a superb job that he was promoted to fountain manager by age 16 and a half. This was how he learned the food business.

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