Dr. Thomas Janossy


Dr. Thomas Janossy


Dr. Thomas Janossy He is the founder/CEO of Oradix Inc. (www.oradix.com), specializing on toxic heavy metal detoxification and smart cellular chelation. Leading alternative health practitioners recognize that the removal of toxic heavy metals is the most important step in avoiding chronic diseases, such as cancer and heart disease, the removal of arterial plaque, and the successful management of biofilm related conditions.

Previously Dr. Janossy was a post-doctoral research fellow at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre, University of Toronto, Canada, and in Europe at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

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ID Event Name Duration Start Date
UE-650 The Immune Defense Summit 23 Weeks July 24, 2017
UE-152 The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Summit 66 Weeks July 25, 2016