David Jockers


David Jockers


David Jockers is a natural health doctor, functional nutritionist, corrective care chiropractor, exercise physiologist and certified strength & conditioning specialist. He currently owns and operates Exodus Health Center in Kennesaw, Georgia. He is also the author of the best-selling book “SuperCharge Your Brain” the complete guide to radically improve your mood, memory and mindset and theSuperCharged Recipe book with over 180 full-color recipes to help you take back control of your health. He has developed 6 revolutionary online programs with thousands of participants.  These programs include E-guides, recipe guides, meal plans and video instructions including “The Sugar Detox,” “The Cancer Cleanse,” “Navigating the Ketogenic Diet,” and “The Digestive Health Restoration Program,” and “The AutoImmune Elimination Program” and the “Super Brain Program.” Dr Jockers is a sought after speaker around the country on such topics as weight loss, brain health, functional exercise, natural detoxification and disease prevention.  Dr Jockers sees patients at his clinic, Exodus Health Center and he does long-distance consultations by phone or Skype to help customize specific lifestyle plans to help individuals improve performance and beat chronic disease.

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ID Event Name Duration Start Date
UE-665 The Parasite Summit 16 Weeks September 11, 2017
UE-650 The Immune Defense Summit 23 Weeks July 24, 2017
UE-632 The Fasting Summit 2017 24 Weeks July 17, 2017
UE-492 The Microbiome Medicine Summit 2 34 Weeks May 8, 2017
UE-489 The Sweet Freedom Summit 38 Weeks April 10, 2017
UE-409 Vitamin Mastery Summit 49 Weeks January 19, 2017
UE-644 The Keto Summit 52 Weeks January 1, 2017
UE-157 The Detox Project Experts Summit 66 Weeks September 26, 2016
U-156 The Medicinal Supplements Summit 68 Weeks September 12, 2016
UE-152 The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Summit 66 Weeks July 25, 2016
UE-137 The The Longevity & Anti-Aging Project Summit 69 Weeks June 6, 2016
UE-132 The Forget Weight Loss Forever Project Summit 70 Weeks March 28, 2016
UE-129 The Metabolism Summit! 69 Weeks February 1, 2016
UE-128 Heal Your Gut Summit! It’s where health starts and your healing begins! 71 Weeks January 18, 2016
UE-143 The Essential Oils Revolution 128 Weeks May 18, 2015