Virtual Spaces: Going Beyond the Headset with Spatial

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Platform is, how teams can work in a 3D environment, and how XR conferencing is the future of remote working


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Noelle Tassey
Chief Executive Officer
Niko Chauls
XR Partnerships


July 31, 2020


July 31, 2020


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Alley & 5G Labs are excited to bring you a conversation around virtual collaboration – with Spatial

About this Event

Technology has powered remote workforces globally, but there’s definitely room for improvement. As a society, we are accustomed to using body language and social cues—both of which have historically struggled to translate digitally, but with the evolution of virtual spaces, we are seeing how meeting in 3D can unlock new ways for teams to create, collaborate, and communicate.

In this event, we’ll get into all things Spatial—what the platform is, how teams can work in a 3D environment, and how XR conferencing is the future of remote working. Our panelists will dive into the how and why teams should invest, and adopt this product for their future.

Want to take it for a spin first? Following the panel, we’re giving users a chance to hop in Spatial’s 3D workspace and experience this technology firsthand. You won’t want to miss this—sign up for our newsletter and get the details delivered to your inbox.


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