Getting School Climate Right—A Guide for Principals

Getting School Climate Right—A Guide for Principals


Mashea Ashton
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December 15, 2020


December 15, 2020


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Getting School Climate Right—A Guide for Principals

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Do students in your school feel comfortable talking to teachers? Do they believe they can ask for help? Do they think a teacher would notice if they are absent?

Answers to these questions reveal a lot about how students feel about their school and whether it is a place they believe they can learn and thrive.

Positive and stable relationships among staff, students, and families are the foundation of a school’s climate and for ensuring that every kid in a school community feels known and supported. But building and sustaining those relationships takes as much teamwork, deliberate care, and effective leadership as establishing a strong instructional program.

The hardships and upheaval of the COVID-19 pandemic and the renewed fight against racism are bringing even more urgency to school climate work, regardless of whether school is taking place in-person, virtually, or both.

In this summit, learn from school climate experts, principals, and others about how to establish school climate best practices, how to prioritize—and model—relationship building with students, and how to take concrete actions to eliminate policies and practices that are harmful to students who are Black, Hispanic, LGBTQ, and other marginalized groups.