2022 Family Life Education Virtual Summit

Evolving Best Practices in Family Life Education


Robyn Cenizal
Robyn Cenizal
Heather Cline
Heather Cline
Founding Owner
Kaley Deleon
Michaley de Leon
Research Assistant
Lorna Durrant
Lorna Durrant
Assistant Professor
Alisha Hardman copy
Alisha Hardman
Associate Professor
Angela B. Kim copy
Angela B. Kim
Associate Professor
Jennifer Krafchick
Jen Krafchick
Associate Professor
Sandra McClintic
Sandra McClintic
Julianne Mcgill
Julianne McGill
Project Manager
Walls, Judy Myers
Judith A. Myers-Walls
Keynote presenter
Elizabeth Ramsey
Elizabeth Ramsey
Angie Walston copy
Angie Walston
Program Coordinator
Cindy Wilson (1)
Cynthia Wilson
Executive Director


June 24, 2022


June 24, 2022


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Family Life Education (FLE) is the professional practice of equipping and empowering family members to develop knowledge and skills that enhance well-being and strengthen interpersonal relationships through an educational, preventive, and strengths-based approach (n.d. NCFR).

The National Council on Family Relations’ (NCFR) second virtual Family Life Education Summit will provide an opportunity for both experienced and new Family Life Educators to come together to share information and insights into this important practice.

The theme of this year’s Summit focuses on Evolving Best Practices in Family Life Education. While considering the content, context, and delivery of Family Life Education programs and services, providers often strive to adhere to best practices. But what does “best practices” mean? Can they be consistently applied across different platforms, audiences, and programs, especially in a rapidly changing, culturally diverse world where the quality and availability of resources varies? And what role does the Family Life Educator play in evolving best practices? How are we adapting to our current environment (i.e., pandemic, social and racial justice concerns, and economic shifts)? What positive outcomes have emerged from recent adaptations?

2022 Virtual FLE Summit Goals

The 2022 Virtual FLE Summit will support and advance the practice of Family Life Education by providing a platform for FLE practitioners to:

  • share information about best practices and practical tools to support and empower families within their specific contexts
  • foster connection and build collaborative networks that bridge practice, policy, and research
  • inspire best practices, new research, and innovation
  • share their global and diverse voices, ideas, visions, initiatives, and actions in the practice of FLE
  • support and nurture the current and next generation of FLE professionals