Virtual Summits & Online Conferences Are Here to Stay and Here’s Why

Virtual Summits & Online Conferences Are Here to Stay and Here’s Why

Have you attended a virtual conference before? If you have, you may have found that you actually enjoyed it much more than you thought you would. In fact, you may have even found your virtual summit to be more informative than a traditional conference. That’s good, because these virtual summits & online conferences are here to stay. Here’s why you’ll continue to find experts all over the world attending online conferences.

No Travel Costs

While a host may try to find a location that is equidistant for all conference attendees, it’s not always possible, and many people may end up spending a good amount of money on airfare, lodging, food, taxis, and other expenditures just to attend the conference. If the event is four or five days long, these expenses certainly add up quickly. With a virtual summit, however, there is very little to no cost at all. Some of these online events do have a small registration cost that helps to offset the expense of speakers and the technology needed to broadcast the event, but many are free.

No Space Limit

Likewise, an online conference isn’t contained to a one specific venue. You can have thousands of experts in the audience just as easily as you can have a few dozen. You don’t have to worry about having enough chairs or exceeding the fire marshal’s regulations on how many people can be in the room. Anyone, even those halfway around the world, can attend, and as long as you have a strong Internet connection to broadcast your event, there will be no issue with the number of attendees.

Panels and Presentations Can Be Archived

Because everything is being recorded as it’s being streamed, you can save all of the panels and presentations given by your speakers and post them to your website later. This allows people who didn’t get the chance to join the live stream of the event to watch the presentations later on. It’s also a good way of getting people to return to your website long after the virtual summit is over, which can be helpful if you have an eCommerce shop on your site.

Less Work

The organizer of a traditional conference has a lot to do, and even if he or she has an event staff, there are still a lot of things left to be taken care of, and the preparation for even small summits often starts months in advance. Everything from booking the venue and inviting guests to marketing to the general public and arranging catering may need to be done, which can add up to a lot of extra work.

But the host of an online conference, on the other hand, doesn’t have to worry about any of this. Instead, the main concern usually has to do with technology, which can often be frustrating but doesn’t require as much preparation. As long as the event has a stable Internet connection and a decent camera to broadcast each panel, there’s little else that needs to be done other than marketing. Many panels and presentations are done remotely now, so the event staff may not even have to worry about supplying webcams or other devices.

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