Are You Live Streaming Your In-Person Event?

Are You Live Streaming Your In-Person Event?

Live streaming video is catching fire and is undoubtedly moving into the mainstream in a big way, as social networks and apps like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, Meerkat, and Twitter have made it easy for anyone with a smartphone to start broadcasting – no additional experience or expensive equipment needed.

Today, it’s a simple as just connecting to the Internet through a webcam or a smartphone—and you’re up and running in mere seconds—to record a television show hosted by you or shoot live news footage of what’s happening on the scene in real time to everybody all around the world.

Oh, let’s also not forget, this all happens with zero to very little investment, you can start webcasting live events online with your current equipment (and who doesn’t own a smartphone these days?).

More and more mobile devices and smartphones are outfitted with HD quality cameras ‘right out of the box’, and editing on the fly has never been easier with robust applications and smartphone accessories that allow you to record, edit, and live stream wide angle video of corporate events, conferences, lectures, panel discussions, weddings, musical performance theater, and more straight from your mobile phone using 3G or Wi-Fi services.

Now, some would say that the market is turning out to be quite saturated with options.  However, if you take a closer inspection, there are only a few dominate players who have nicely endeared themselves as the “go-to” platforms for anyone looking to live stream any event.  For everyone else, you’ll have to dig a little deeper.

But it’s not to say that the less popular options are any less in quality, features, or capabilities…here’s are a few examples that you should include on your list of options to kick start your live streaming endeavors:

Ustream – with the largest user base and views, Ustream is the leader in live stream business on the web. You’ll see a dedicated section for social networking and an easy-to-use platform for sharing live videos.

Livestream is another well built and maintained service for live video streaming. You can broadcast live videos of an event through Livestream while seeing the number of viewers in real time.  It’s a clean and easy to use platform for Android as well as iPhone mobile cell phones.

Dacast, Bambuser,, Younow, and Fixwagon, are some more places to live stream an event online by just connecting a webcam or camcorder from your laptop computer or your mobile phone. It is easier than it has ever been to interact with your target audience by providing them a live feed.

With a few very popular choices and many lesser known options available for your immediate use, we’d say it’s kind of difficult to avoid the urge to not live stream something.  So stop reading this post and get out there or stay right where you are…either way, it doesn’t require much effort to click that record button and start a live stream broadcast now!


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