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Virtual Summits… 

What Are They?

Virtual Summits are typically online conferences or onDemand/Live video interviews ranging from anywhere from 5-25+ expert speakers, usually from within the same niche or theme.  Viewers are usually asked to register to watch. While virtual summits are often free for a short period of time followed by an offer for an”all-access pass” for unlimited viewing, they can sometimes offer an immediate paid access for access to all interviews and bonuses.

Engaging Thought Leaders & Expert Speakers

With thousands of speakers to choose from, you can easily find speakers on any topic or simply stay updated by following your favorite expert speaker.

Be Educated, Entertained, and Inspired

Virtual events are here to stay.  Not only are they convenient for all parties involved (virtual event planners, speakers, attendees), but there’s also no travel arrangements to be made and no materials to ship.  Win-Win for all!

New Audiences & New Opportunities

Virtual events present a wide range of unlimited opportunities and tools—anywhere from interactive games to on-demand video presentations to Q&A sessions and chat rooms—for event attendees, speakers, and planners to discover, connect and network with one another.

Virtual Summits & Online Conferences Are Here to Stay and Here’s Why

Here’s why you’ll continue to find experts all over the world attending online conferences.

Are You Live Streaming Your In-Person Event?

Live streaming video is catching fire and is undoubtedly moving into the mainstream in a big way, as social networks and apps like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, Meerkat, and Twitter have made it easy for anyone with a smartphone to start broadcasting – no additional experience or expensive equipment needed. Today, it’s a simple […]

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