Tatu Ylonen

Tatu Ylonen is a cybersecurity pioneer with over 20 years of experience from the field. He invented SSH (Secure Shell), which is used to manage most networks, servers, and data centers and implement automation for cost-effective systems management and file transfers. He takes a broad view on cybersecurity and its implications for business and society. At the same time, he still loves to code and can descend through all the layers from process to protocols, operating system internals, and hardware. Inventor of some of the most widely used technologies in computer security and networking: SSH and SFTP, and co-author of related IETF standards; one of the early developers of IPSec, VPN and firewall technology; inventor of IETF and 3GPP-standardized NAT Traversal solutions; co-author of SPKI (Simple Public Key Infrastructure) proposals. 30+ US patents and about 30 US patent applications pending (+ dozens of international equivalents). Authored NIST IR 7966 (best practice guidelines for SSH key-based access management) and several Internet standards (RFC 4251, 4252, 4253, 4254). He is also an experienced entrepreneur and founded a NASDAQ OMX-listed security company (SSH Communications Security) and held various leadership roles in a public company (including CEO, CTO, and Chairman). He was also an early interestor in another NASDAQ OMX listed security consulting company (Nixu) and founder/co-founder in a few other companies.

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ID Event Name Duration Start Date
UE-890 The 2018 Threatscape 59 Weeks November 14, 2017
UE-929 Securing the Internet of Everything 80 Weeks June 20, 2017
UE-934 Securing Fintech 85 Weeks May 16, 2017