Serene Lim

Serene Lim EMPOWER is a project partner for the Association for Progressive Communication’s APC-IMPACT (India, Malaysia, Pakistan Advocacy for Change through Technology) project, with Bytes for All (Pakistan) and Digital Empowerment Foundation (India). The project aims to address restrictions on the internet by promoting and protecting internet rights. It will work specifically to advance freedom of expression, freedom of information, freedom of assembly and association as enabler of human rights and democratization. EMPOWER has also had a long-standing work in the intersection between ICT and violence against women, through Take Back the Tech. A lack of access to information including the use of ICT tools have long exacerbated the endemic violence in women’s lives and diminished choices for women. This ultimately maintain a status quo of inequality. We believe that women and youths have the right to make informed decisions about themselves and their lives. The use of ICT for human rights documentation is integrated into other programmes under Political Participation.


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
UE-660 The Respect Campaign 12 Weeks October 11, 2017