Richard Charette

My Life’s Purpose is to create value for the communities, organizations, and individuals I serve. I do so by being curious, by focusing on mastery, by searching for purpose & value, by maintaining a growth-mindset, by keeping a beginner’s mind, and by being in service of others.

My professional vocation serves my purpose by coaching and leading individuals, teams and organizations to repeatedly imagine, design and create valuable experiences for those they serve, those they love, as well as for themselves.

My leadership and coaching includes

  • Creation of Valuable Human Experiences (VHXs)
  • Digitial User Experience (UX)
  •  Digital Branding
  • Strategic Planning
  • Complexity Management
  •  Program/Project Management
  • Product Development Management
  •  Team Leadership & Performance
  • Resilience & High Performance Development
  • High-stake Program/Project Remediation
  • Service Delivery Oversight
  • Operations
  • Capabilities Improvement
  •  IT & Business Alignment
  • Vendor Management
  •  Organizational Management
  • Knowledge & Content Management
  •  Special Operations
  • Emergency Response

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ID Event Name Duration Start Date
UE-1969 Future Digital Finance Virtual Event 1 Days February 25, 2021