Radhika Radhakrishnan

Radhika Radhakrishnan a graduate student of Gender Studies, writer, sex-positive, liberal, pro-choice, pro-gay, secular, outspoken feminist who fights like a girl. She writes for GenderIT, the research wing of the Women’s Rights Programme by Association of Progressive Communication. She also write extensively on Medium where she is listed in the Top 10 Writers on Feminism. Radhika often give talks at universities about sexual violence, and has directed a documentary called Check Your Privilege about the normalization of sexual violence in India. Coming from an educational background in Technology and Public Policy, Radhika has analysed gendered barriers to internet access for the United Nations Internet Governance Forum’s Best Practice Forum on Gender and Access report. As a proponent of localised discussions to address gender issues, she runs a Gender and Sexuality forum at my alma mater that provides a safe space to discuss and report gendered discrimination. She also played a key role in establishing the Indian Women’s Debating Championships which encourages university women to participate in parliamentary debates. When Radhika is not working, she drink tea and leave feminist comments on Facebook posts. Oh and she also makes a mean Panna Cotta.


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
UE-660 The Respect Campaign 12 Weeks October 11, 2017