Nicoline van Enter

I am a renowned footwear forecaster and visionary, with a broad background in engineering, journalism, marketing and design. I am known to see connections where others do not and to create innovative solutions that improve the footwear industry from the inside out.

Most people know me from my footwear forecasting agency Ytrends and from SLEM, the former innovation and training center for the footwear and leather related industries. I recently started a new venture called The Footwearists, together with the former SLEM team. We essentially have taken over all training and consulting activities of SLEM and are now expanding them even further.

We are focusing on continued education: offering short courses and workshops for footwear professionals that want to expand their knowledge of innovative technologies and practices for the footwear industry.

We are a fully nomadic institute with a vast network of freelance educators from all around the world who each have specific expertise in different areas of footwear innovation, from circular business models, to biofabrication, digital technologies etc. We lecture, teach and do research wherever it makes most sense.

We regularly post articles on LinkedIn and other social media about footwear innovation.

You can find our current course offer on We also organise all kinds of in-company training.

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ID Event Name Duration Start Date
UE-1946 Polymers Footwear Virtual summit 2 Weeks January 21, 2021