Lama Rod Owens

Lama Rod Owens is to be guided into conversations and contemplations around things that affect us all but we’re scared to talk about like sex, race, identity, gender, class, power, depression and all the other stuff we tend to turn away from. Unmasked is grounded in the practice of Radical Presence and rooted in Buddhist wisdom and personal experience. For Lama Rod “radical” is remembering and returning to a simple and basic way of being in the world, one that reduces the violence to oneself and others; it honors one’s own passions and aspirations and relates to the world from a place of equanimity. It doesn’t push things away, battle, force or judge. It softens, accepts and allows. When we choose this way of being in the world, we feel at home in our own bodies, with no desire to leave them; because we feel at home in our bodies, we feel at home in the world. That is radical presence. And at its heart it is an awareness of one’s own intersectionality or what Lama Rod calls a complex community of personal identities in constant interaction and expression.

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ID Event Name Duration Start Date
UE-1678 Immersion 33 Weeks May 13, 2020
UE-1457 Radical Dharma Conversation & Camp Combined Registration 21 Weeks August 4, 2019
UE-550 Mindful Relationship Summit 104 Weeks January 1, 2016