Carlene Mahoney

Dr. Carlene Mahoney is a Detective Inspector within the NSW South Wales Police Force with over 20 years experience, working in organised crime, child protection and is currently managing the social media presence for online community engagement. Carlene also holds the position as an adjunct lecturer with the Terrorism and Security Studies, Charles Sturt University in Canberra. Carlene is currently undertaking a Masters in Terrorism, researching the complex social, political and international context of terrorism and contemporary security related issues. Carlene’s recent doctoral studies included the interpretation of NSW Police Force development and implementation of policies, the lessons learnt from the use of social media and the training developed to minimise the risks to the agencies security and reputation. Carlene has provided national recommendations and best practice for law enforcement agencies using social media in both personal and private settings. Carlene in now using her findings to provide expert policy advice on the dangers, security and safety of agencies and their employees, including law enforcement, government, media, the sporting and music industries, in both Australia and Internationally.

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ID Event Name Duration Start Date
UE-660 The Respect Campaign 12 Weeks October 11, 2017