André Grandt

Customer Experience Lead & Transformation Officer

Anurag Bhatnagar

Senior Director

Abby Ngampongsai

Vice President

Ann L. Dery

Global Category Lead, Director

Andy Burwell


Adam Lee


Ann Joyce

Former CIO

Antonina Skrypnyk

Head of Financial Services Lab

Alicia Beck

Facilities General Services Manager

Alec Jessiman

Product Innovator, Footwear Scientist, Human Performance Engineer

Andrea Woodhouse

Senior Legal Counsel

Ashley Watson

Leader, People Policy and Inclusion

Annie Hartman


Amit Mehta

Cyber Advisory Services Leader

Alain De Maght


Anna Rohrbach

Research Scientist

Augustus Odena

Research Scientist

Aschak Damani

Executive Director & CEO

Alan Banks


Aaron Boyd

Senior Editor

Aileen Black

Senior Vice President

Aaron Reich

Global Lead

Anudit Vikram

Chief Product Officer

Alicia Tillman

Global Chief Marketing Officer,

Antonio Lucio

Global Chief Marketing Officer

Anthony Huffman

Senior Operational Excellence Manager

Alex Lewis

Social Media Specialist

Allen Terleto

Field CTO

Ashe Menon

Senior Vice President

Arsen Safaryan

HHead of BIM & Digital Construction

Alex I. Albani

Professor of Architecture

Arthur Hicken


Amit Mohta

VP Procurement

Aleen Hosdaghian

Senior Director of Marketing

Amy West

Senior Director, Patient Marketing & Digital Health Innovation

Alita Harvey-Rodriguez

Founder and Managing Director

Alex Poulis

Senior Director

Aarthi Murali

Chief Customer Experience Officer

Ashish Gupta

Vice President

Al Jones

Vice President

Angela Haun

Executive Director

Andy Cuthbert

Global Prevention, Relief Well Engineering & Technology Manager

Amish Sabharwal

Global Head of Engineering

Alexander Fairchild

Operations Manager

Angus Campbell

Corporate Director

Allan Doherty

Senior Controls System Engineer -

Avery Banta

Director and Lead HRBP

Anna Szabo

Head of Business Development Operations and Strategic Projects

Adam Koch

Chief Operating Officer

Ambreen Mustafa

Digital Transformation Principal & Project Manager

Amelia Evans

Chief Financial Officer

Alyson Tong

Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Klein

Professional MC, Host, Speaker, Trainer, Writer

Angela Yochem

EVP Chief Digital and Technology Officer

Angelic Gibson

Chief Information Officer

Arnold Donald

President & CEO

Ana Martinez Lozano

Associate Director

Amanda Little

Author, Journalist, Professor

Allison Dew

Chief Marketing Officer

Ashley Zehnder

Founder, CEO

Amanda Way


Alan H.B. Wu, Ph.D., DABACC

Chief of Clinical Chemistry and Toxicology

Alan Avakian

Head of IT

Andrea Burlacu

Vice President

Adam Billing

Founder and Creator

Andreas Steinbacher

R&D Informatics and Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence Leader

Ahsan Baig

Chief Information Officer

Antonio Villafana

Chief Information Officer

Avinash Kumar Talwar

Vice President

Amit Kale

Assistant Vice President

Alice Park

Product Marketing Manager

Anet Redmer

Service Design Lead

Alaina Franklin

Senior Manager

Anila Fredericks

Head of Customer Service

Anna Wang

Head of Customer Service

Albretch Wolfmeyer

International, National Head

Andrew Ive


Aylon Steinhart

Founder & CEO

Angel Laketa Moore

Actress, Host

Ayanna Robinson PhD

Program Evaluator

Ambrosia Malbrough

Content Creator

Adam Lowry

Co-Founder & CEO

Andreas Caduff

Industry Advisory Board

Armen Mkrtchyan

Associate Partner

Angela Ryan

Chief Clinical Information Officer

Arjen Wals


Ari Juels

Technical Advisor

André Ferraz

CEO & Founder

Ameya Talwalkar

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Angela M. Douglas

Senior Police Officer, Social Media Coordinator

Anne-Marie Clark

Social Media Officer

Andy Pondillo

Social Media Supervisor

Ashley Vasquez

Associate Director

Albert Whitley


Amanda Wolff

Chief Marketing Officer

Aisling Teillard

CEO and Co-Founder

Alec Levenson

Economist and Senior Research Scientist

Andy Alexander

Head of European Data Science

Alex Oliveira

Head of Reliability & Engineering

Adam Warzecha

AD Life Cycle Management

Andrea Gentiletti

Head Supply Chain Management

Ash Dhupar

Chief Analytics Officer

Al Lee


Alan Stern

Planetary Scientist

Ashley Langston

Entrepreneur, Principal, Speaker

Andrea A. Moore

Certified Bereavement Facilitator, Intuitive Grief Coach, Retreat Host, Author

A’mesha Coles

Author, Speaker

Anand Iyer

Chief Strategy Officer

Aenor Sawyer

Chief Health Innovation Officer

Arianna Prothero

Staff Writer

Andre Albritton

Millennial Money Influencer, Personal Finance Expert & Speaker

Acquania Escarne

Wealth Strategist, Speaker, Writer

Andy Yawson

National Superintendent, Pastor, Author,Conference Speaker

Andrew Paterson

Principal Technology Adviser

Angela Wells

Director of Product Marketing

Andrea Tucker

Director of Product Marketing

Andy Johns


Allen Yesilevich

Head of Marketing and Growth

Amy Sun


Amanda Evans

Chief Advertising Officer

Angel Steger

Director of Product Design

Andrew Gibson

GM Finance

Andrew Winarczyk

Director, Finance Systems Improvement and Support

Andrew Saidy

VP Talent Digitization, Talent Acquisition & Mobility

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson

SVP, Entrepreneur, Investor, Board Director, Tech Advisor, Mentor, Author, Public Speaker, Co-Founder

Amee Kandar

Director of Product Strategy

Anoop Tiwari

Vice President

Alex Herder

Founder & Creative Director

Artis Stevens

Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Andrea Course

Venture Principal

Arun Krishnan

Vice President

Avinash Gore

Global Head of IBP Process and Technical

Abhijit Gupta

Head of Global Commodity Management

Annemijn Eschauzier

Chief Marketing Officer

Anders C. Noyes

Director of Property Management and Security

Andrew Bone

CEO & Co-founder

Alexandre Muller

Managing Director

Abhishek Joshi

Head of Marketing and Business Partnerships

Ali Hussein

Chief Executive Officer

Aarti Holla-Maini

Secretary General

Anna Dorian

Founder, Shamanic & Reiki Teacher

Ash Johns

Ancestral Healing Space, Spiritual Life Coach, Conscious Business Strategist

Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq

Shaman, Elder, Teacher, Healer, Storyteller

Andy Schrader

Chief Product Officer

Aprielle Oichoe

Managing Director

Ali Hussein Kassim

Co-Founder & CEO

Angel Pichardo

Entrepreneur, Speaker

Akbar Sheikh

Author, Funnel Coach

Alex Charfen

Entrepreneurial Personality Type

Ashton Hauff

Founder & Co-founder

Ashkahn Jahromi


Alex Kirk

General Manager

Anthony Smith

Chief Executive

Andrew McIntyre

SVP of Technology and Innovation

Allen Tatara

Sr. Manager

Asaf Ashkenazi

Chief Operating Officer

Alon Werber

Chief Executive Officer

Amedeo D’Angelo

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Renda

Associate Vice President, Population Health, SDOH insights, Strategy, Analytics & Communications

Andy Jiang

Independent Consultant & Public Speaker

Adrian Caruso

Founder and CEO

Avril Carter

Sales Director

Alessandro Crotti

Founder and CEO

Aggelos Kiayias

Chief Scientist, Professor

Atty. Arpee Santiago

Executive Director at Human RAights Center

Atish Mathur

Educator, Lawyer

Awdhesh Singh

Ex-IRS Officer

Athar Aamir Khan

Indian Administrative Service

Armstrong Pame

Deputy Commissioner

Anthony Mirabile

Regional Head of Consumer & Investment Management Division

April Rudin

Founder and President

Alex Manzo

Front-end Developer

Ash Coleman

Head of Diversity

Austin Sacco

First Vice President & Co-Production Lead

Anthony Murray

Pastor, Founder

Arielle Loren Palmer

Funding Expert for Women, Business Consultant & App Developer

Andrew Onslow

Global Head of Supply Chain

Agnès Delêtre

Head of the Cybersecurity Office,

Apurva Gupta

Head of Procurement

Arun Kumar

Chief Procurement Officer

Amber Federizo

Medical Director

Alyssa Keefer

Founder and CEO

Anthony Nocentino

Enterprise Architect

Anna Hoffman

Data & Applied Scientist

Allan Hirt

Managing Partner

Alberto Ferrari


Andy Greenberg

Author & Journalist

Anthony Ng

Vice President of Systems Engineering

Angelo Perniola

Senior Consultant

Adrien Bataille

Sr. Consultant

Ayla Ellison

Managing Editor

Artid Jivacate

Head of Commercial

Aditi Khurana

Senior Manager

Alison Gannett

Owner and Founder

Alex Chassels

Vice President

Albert Woo

Craniofacial Surgery

Alan Dang

Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Arthur Silva


Alessandro Valente

iGaming Specialist

Andre Gelfi

Managing Partner

Abey Mokgwatsane

Managing Executive

Ayabonga Cawe

Managing Director

Afetsi Awoonor

Petroleum Trader, Business Developer, Energy Researcher, Sustainable Development Goals, Founder & Board Member

Abdul Azam

Global Leader

Avik Roy


Adriana Chia

Director, Head of Analytical Consulting

Alex Wyatt

Global Project Manager

Anne Ferris


Alexandra Galviz

LinkedIn Top Voice UK, Speaker

Audretta Hall

Nutritional Counsellor

Alison Harnett

Policy Director

Aaron Pratt

AI & Advanced Analytics Manager

Ashok Nair

Chief Data and Analytics Officer

Alistair Vickers

Chief Information Officer

Adrian Haugabrook

Executive Vice President and Managing Director

Anja Manuel

Co-Founder and Partner

Alan Trefler

Founder and CEO, Author

Anna Gleiss

Global IT Head Master

Ady Meschke

Founder, Verbal Gold Blog, Author

Amanda Goetz

VP of Marketing

Antoinette Beauchamp

Co-Founder & Empowerment Mindset Coach

Anne English

Chief Strategy Officer

Aria Leighty

Founder, Certified Coach

Adam Cason

Director of Product Marketing

Andrea Beatty


Adam Bayaa

Heal, VP IT & Security

Amélie Erin Koran

Technology Therapist,

Arushi Jain

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Andy Powell

Head of Infrastructure

Anant Mahajan

Principal Product Manager

Alan Refalo

Engineering Infrastructure CoE Leader

Adam Fox

Sr. Solutions Architect

Angela Kim

Education Ambassador, Head of AI

Anshad Ameenza

CTO & Director

Azran Osman-Rani

CEO, Business Builder, Investor, Speaker, Author

Ankit Jain

Senior Research Scientist

Anand Rao

Director & Principal

Alan Bleiweiss

SEO Audits & Consulting Services

Akshay Aggarwal

CEO & Co-Founder

Ashish Mehta


Abhishek Bourai

Founder & CEO

Andrea Goodkin

Executive Vice President

Adrian Atilano

Executive Vice President

Aswini Rajasekaran

DevOps Tools administrator, CI Engineer

Aoife Fitzmaurice

Principal Architect

Anthony Ramirez

Security Analyst & Trainer

Alex Taylor

DevOps Engineer

Adam Robertson

Head of DevOps

Andrew Gilliam

Associate Analyst

Alison Overholt

Senior Vice President, Multiplatform Storytelling and Journalism

Andy Jassy

Chief Executive Officer

Andy Buckley

American Actor, Screenwriter, & Stockbroker

Angelique Culver

Chief Compliance & HIPAA Officer

Alla Valente


Andy Purdy

Chief Security Office

Andreas Diggelmann

Office of the CEO’ and Chief Technology Officer

Ajay Banga

Chief Executive Officer

Allison Komiyama

Principal Consultant

Athreya Gopalakrishna

Senior MTS Database Engineering Architect

Alper Ilkbahar

Vice President & General Manager

Ann-Christel Graham

Chief Revenue Officer

Andreas Petersson

Managing Director

Alexandre Lemarchand

Vice President

Anatoliy Knyazev

Executive Director

Amanda Ripley

Author & Journalist

Andrew Hanauer

President and CEO

Anne Finch

Chief Executive Officer

Alicia Rasta

Vice President

Antony Gordon

Managing Director, Host, Speaker, Life Coach, Professional athletes, celebs.

Aaron Dobrinsky

Managing Director, Entrepreneurial Executive, Investor, Startup Advisor

Ana Adi

Professor of Public Relations,

Amanda Coleman

Crisis Communication Consultant

Anne Helen Petersen

Senior Culture Writer

Alexis Glick

Chief Executive Officer

Abdul El-Sayed

Public Health Doctor, Progressive Activist, Author, Speaker.

Ashley Carman

Senior Reporter

Amanda Litman

Co-founder and Executive Director

Ada Calhoun


Arun Murthy

Chief Product Officer

Andy Cooper


Aileen Alexander

Managing Partner & Senior Client Partner

Adam Jakus

Chief Technology Officer

Adam Feinberg

CTO and Co-FoundeR

Amy Alexander

Senior Biomedical Engineer

Ari Kaplan

Legal tech ghostwriter, Legal Industry Analyst, Speaker, Business Development oach, Podcast Host

Andrew Jessop

General Counsel

Anna Tomzynska

Chief Engineer

Aditya Muppavarapu

Global Segment Leader

Adam Duxbury

Co-founder, Chief of Staff

Andrew Fox

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Alice Kaufman

Legislative Advocacy Director

Ash Kalra

Assembly Member, Board Director, Board Member

Adina Vălean

Commissioner for Transport

Amber Hahn

Assistant Chief

Anthony Thompson

Physical Therapist

Alicia Couri

Keynote Speaker, Broadcaster

Amani Channel

Creative Services Writer Producer

Asaf Ashkenazi

Chief Operating Officer

Alan Phillips

Legal Consultant

Albert Mensah


Alex Ring B.S.

Senior Scientist

Amy Spoelstra

Doctor of Chiropractic

Alphaeus Allick

Emergency Physician

Arthur Krigsman


Alvin Moss

Professor of Medicine

Ashley Dymock de Tello

Author, Editor & Publisher

Alexandre Dreyfus

CEO & Founder

Aly Madhavji

Award-Winning Author, Consultant

Alyssa Tsai

Founder and CEO

Aubrey Marcus

Founder and CEO

Alyze Sam

Stable Coins Expert

Adam Blumberg


Alex Lightman

CEO, Speaker, Author, Policy Advisor

Allan Stevo

Ex-Chief of Staff

Aaron Sugiura

Director of Transit

Andrew Salzberg

Loeb Fellow, Advisor

Anna Zivarts

Program Director

Anthony Shannon


Alistair Adams

Director of Product Marketing

Andisheh Ranjbari

Senior Researcher

Allen Greenberg

Senior Policy Analyst

Amy Edmondson

Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management

Arnaud Linquette

Senior Vice President, Sales And Marketing Leader

Asa Posner

Senior Sustainability Manager

Andrew Neblett


Art Smuck

Chief Operating Officer

Alley Lyles

Senior Consultant

Adrian Cohn

Director of Brand Strategy and Communications

Alex Ortiz

VP of Marketing

Amala Rajan

Assistant Professor and Program Coordinato

Adam Grimes

Co-Founder & CEO

Ashley Hildreth

Head of Partnerships

Ashley Scorpio

VP, Partnerships

Ashley Crowder

CEO & Co-Founder

Anthony Scaramucci

Founder and Co-Managing Partner

Alec Hanson

SVP, Division Manager

Andy Ellis

Senior Vice President, Chief Security Officer

Andy Mackensen


Arthur Braunstein

Vice President

Alex Krause

Senior Software Engineer

Adrian Mouat

Chief Scientist,

Austin Parker

Principal Developer

Andrew Jenkins

Senior Architect, CTO

Anne Currie


Aaron Young

Chairman & CEO

Alan Yang

Emmy-Award winner, Co-Creator/Executive Producer

Adam Kolbrenner

Literary Manager and Founder

Ashley McDonald

Senior Director

Alan Levinonitz, PhD

Associate Professor of Religion

Artem Ryasik

Advanced Analytics Engineer

Adrian Nembach

Software Engineer

Audra Offut


Annmargareth Marousky


Adela Madrigal Jones


Alicia Grunow


Anna T. Foster


Amy Feygin


Andrea Craig


Andrea Clay


Allison Carter


Alex Carter


Adam Carter

Executive Director

Alicia Bowman

Improvement Specialist

Al Bertani

Senior Fellow, Senior Advisor

Amber Banks

Senior Program Officer, Teacher, researcher

Amanda Lewis

Professor and Director

Anthony S. Bryk


Alex Gladstein

Chief Strategy Officer

Amory B. Lovins

Co-founder, Emeritus

Adam Hofmann

VP of Marketing

Anita Mendiratta

Founder & President

Aaron Frank

Researcher, Writer, and Lecturer

Andrew Corridore

Information Governance Compliance Specialist

Amy Monaghan

Practice Innovations Manager

April Brousseau

Head of Innovation, Global Enterprise Architect

Andrei Bezdedeanu

VP of Engineering

Alan Shimel

Co-founder & CEO

Allan Lane


Alessia Falsarone

Managing Director, Head of Sustainable Investing

Anne Blanchard

Senior Director of Product Marketing

Al Scherer


Anya Kamenetz

Digital Education Specialist, Keynote Speaker, Author

Andre Rush

Celebrity Chef, Combat Veteran , Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Mental Health Advocate

Alison Evans

Certified Personal Trainer

Amy Bushatz

Executive Editor

Abbie Griffin

Presidential Chair in Marketing

Alicia Schiller

Assistant Professor and Director

Akiko Hoshikawa

Senior Technical Staff Member

Adam Cohen

Owner Principal, Business Partner

Amanda Yeckel


Audrey Tehan

Founder and Executive Director

Adam Hayes

Content Marketing Expert

Ahava Leibtag


Amy Murdoch

Reading Science Program Director

Ashley Varner

Clinical Oncology Social Worker

Alan Shark

Executive Director

Andreas Oranje

Vice President of Assessment and Learning Technology Development

Anthony Meneghetti

Major Projects Manager

AriAnne M. Gilliland

Process Analyst for Planning Design and Construction

Alyssa Peltier

Manager, Corporate Marketing

Anthony Howell

Senior IT Leader & Strategic Visionary

Arlene Stredler-Brown

Co-investigator, Consultant, Adjunct Faculty

Amy Skinder-Meredith

Clinical Professor

Anna Fuezery

Clinical Chemist

Alka Chaubey, PhD, FACMG

Head of Cytogenomics and Laboratory Director

Andréa Jones

Social Media Strategist, Helping Businesses, Podcasters

Abby Guha

Senior Director Product Marketing

Andrew Mundell

Director of Sales Engineering

Aj NAsh


Amélie Darchicourt

Product Marketing Manager

Ashley Ogal

Visionary Leader

Amanda Rogerson

Product Specialist

Angie Barger

Entrepreneur, Educational Consultant

Ananta Ripa Ajmera

Director, Founder, Yoga Instructor, Author, Spiritual Counseling, Nature Retreats, Workplace Wellness

Aditya Garg

Head of Solutions Consulting

Alex Koshy

Head of Sales

Aude Mazeas

Solution Architect

Adam Goyette

VP of Marketing

Alefiya Dhlla

Senior Product and Marketing Executive

Ashley Smith

Venture Partner

Anil Bandarupalli

Sr. Software Engineer

Awez Syed

SVP Product Management

Adam Koster

Adam KosterVP of Marketing Automation

Anil Bhavnani

Director BPO Operations & Digital Transformation, Global Financial Solutions

Amy Porterfield

Online Marketing Expert and Trainer

Abigail Pumphrey

Co-Founder, Brand Designer + Strategist

Ann Palmenberg


Anthony Register

Coach Leader

Amanda Bond

Ads consultant and Correspondent

Amanda Carrothers

Founder , Certified Professional Coach-24 Years , Trainer , Network Marketer

Amy Leschke-Kale

VP Performance Acceleration

Archana Ramesh

Senior Consultant

Adam Weber


Alexandra Powell

Director of US Client Services

Andrew Bishop

Senior Vice President

Armen Berjikly

Senior Director of Strategy

Anne Bal-Schienke


Allie O’Keeffe

Motion Designer

Anthony Abdulla

Director, Product Marketing

Alex McNab-Lundbäck

Head of Corporate Social Media

Ashley Woodall

Director, Franchise Management & Marketing

Asaf Cidon

Senior Vice President, Email Protection Products

Aaron Cook

Growth-oriented operations executive , Well-rounded leader with extensive international experience, Intrepid Sailor

Alisa Dennis, Ph.D.

Psychologist and Teacher

Aleta Maxwell

Chief Human Resources Officer

Andrew Hartland

Predictive Talent Analytics

Anne Sandberg

Managing Director

Anthony Abdulla

Director, Product Marketing

Andrew Workman

Mindset Specialist, International Speaker, Author & Clinical Hypnotherapist

April Stallworth

Speaker, Trainer, Consultant

Anaïs Maviel


Alicia Garibaldi

Director of Content Marketing

Aaron Huang

Chief Marketing Officer

Alan Rodger

Senior Analyst

Andrei Cimpian

Psychology Professor

Anne Churchland

Principal investigator

Alicia Izquierdo

Behavioral neuroscientist

Annabel Kaye

Speaker, Consultant, Employment law, GDPR, contracts for freelancers, training

Ayelet Avni

Products Management Strategy Lead

Anne Gherini

Vice President, Columnist, Keynote Speaker

Alex Baker-Whitcomb

Manager, Entrepreneur

Amy Gebler

Sr. Manager

Anne Ratcliffe

Sales Executive

Alistair Rennie

General Manager

Ashok Mahay

Offering Manager

Adrienne Fiakas

Entrepreneur, Speaker

Anne-Marie “Dash” Miller

Entrepreneur & Speaker

Amit Dar

General Manager

Ashwin Srinivas

IT Specialist

Assaji Aluwihare

Principal Business Development Manager

Ann Musgrove, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor

Abhi Sivasailam

Growth and Analytics Leader

Adam Daigian

Growth and Marketing Leader

Adam Grant

Organizational psychologist , Author , Writer

Alexis Smith

Marketer, Employer Brand, Speaker, Intrapreneur

Arthur Matuszewski

Co-Founder, Director

Aarthi Janakiraman

Industry Manager, TechVision

Alan Pelz-Sharpe

Founder, Principal Analyst & CEO

Aliki Courmanopoulos

Director, Communications & Marketing

Andrea Di Fabio

Chief Information Security Officer & Associate

Autumn Krauss

Organizational Psychologist

Ann Wylie

Award-winning Writer and Editor, Writing Coach, Trainer, Consultant

Aaron McKeown

Head of Security Engineering

Ajit Zadgaonka

Global DevOps Practice Leader

Annie Hancock

Head of Creative & Customer Experiences

Ally Bunin

Communications & Engagement Leader

Adolfo Vazquez

Curriculum Manager

Archana Venkatraman

Research Manager

Ajit Sivadasan

VP/GM Global eCommerce, Digital Marketing

Adri Kraa

Business Innovatio, Digital Transformation

Alan H. Staples

Senior Strategist, Co-Chair


Entrepreneur, National best-Selling Author, Peak Performance Trainer and Professional stocks

Annmarie McMahill, MS

Research Scientist

Alisa O’Brien

Assistant Director, Academic/Practice Linkages at Public Health Foundation


Director of Community Engagement,

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Author, Speaker, Educator,

Ann Matz-Tirado

Program Consultant, Corprate Responsibility

Annie Moon

Social Impact Consultant & Virtual Assistant

Abby Feuer

SVP, Marketing & Community

Anna Yusim

Psychiatrist, Author, Speaker, Filmmaker

Anna-Marie McLemore

Speaker, Entrepreneur

Atle Skjekkeland

Senior Vice President