transforming your offline event into a virtual eventTURNING YOUR OFFLINE EVENT INTO AN ONLINE EVENT

Okay, the one thing we developed a real knack for is helping organizers, event planners, and hosts alike turn their offline live events into a valuable marketing digital asset.  And by that we mean: we take over mission control and blast your in-person event into digital space.

I guess you could say that we’re like your virtual astronaut, taking your in-person event and amplifying it online to maximize exposure and draw in increased audience engagement and conversion.

It’s no secret that successful events today have to have an integrated online / offline marketing strategy.  But wait, you’re already doing all these other things for your event, do you really have the time?

In case you were wondering still, that’s where we come in…with combined experience in in-person experiential marketing and digital experiences ranging from event landing pages to website banners to email drip campaigns to social media graphics to simple video onDemand and live streaming to recording to social chatting—we have the complete know-how.

We can even develop online lead generation solutions that are customized and optimized for your in-person event with complete analytics to back it all up.
We know that it’s tough to think of everything when putting an event together, but here’s one thing you can check of your list; going virtual.
Confidently speaking, we got your virtual backside covered.

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