Real Time Monitoring for Supply Chain Visibility

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Real Time Monitoring and Digitalisation to Improve Supply Chain Resilience


Graham Martin
Former TCL Global Network Development Lead
Simona Vatzova
Richard Peck
Global Head
David Komjati
Chiara Venuti
Business Development Director and Airline Partner


November 3, 2020


November 4, 2020


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Optimise your logistics processes and improve visibility to transform your supply chain with insights delivered by experts this November. This technology is the focus of market leaders, so be sure to use this opportunity to gain these key insights.

Enhancing Visualisation to Achieve Supply Chain Optimisation

With Covid-19 throwing supply chain management and logistics resilience into sharp relief the pharmaceutical industry is having to adapt and implement digital processes faster than ever. In our Risk Management and Resilience webinars, we will focus on Real Time Monitoring and Digitalisation to Improve Supply Chain Resilience.

In the light of Covid-19, pressure on product supply has never been higher and knowing where your product is at all times is one of the first steps in improving supply chain flexibility and network resilience. Combining these solutions with digital supply chain innovations across the AI and IOT space also allows for a decrease in human intervention and human error across end to end logistics networks but implementation projects in this space remain an ongoing challenge – even more so when managed remotely!

In this two day webinar engage with industry leaders and the whole of the PharmaIQ Logistics community to discuss ways to actively implement digital solutions and increase your supply chain resilience. While we might not be able to meet in person right now we can still bring the community together and help to optimise your logistics processes from end to end.