Precision In Clinical Trials Virtual Summit (East Coast)

The summit is tailor-made to address the concerns of trial sponsors who are conducting clinical trials at a local and global level


Dr. Huma Qamar
Senior VP
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David Jackson
Senior Medical Director
Vladimir Anisimov
Principal Data Scientist
Cohen VERTAn
Allyson Gage
Chief Medical Officer
Arani Chatterjee
Senior Vice President,
Om Sharma
Senior Director
Katherine Arbour
Executive Director
Courtney Bryant
Sr. Director
Christopher Missling
President & CEO
Anka G. Ehrhardt
Associate Director
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Mark Milberg
Sr. Director
Kate Hoffman
Medical Director
Monica Phadnis
Vice President
Peter Heessels
Vice President
Jorge Franceschi
Business Development Director
anca pic
Anca Copaescu
Chief Executive Officer
Rachna Mishra
Project Director


November 10, 2021


November 11, 2021


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Join us at PCT East Coast for a two-day journey into the insightful world of clinical trials. You’ll connect with an incredible gathering of experts and uncover practical advice from industry-leading researchers, peers, and executives. Get ready for an event designed to deliver real value-packed insights, connections with fellow professionals, and learn strategies you can put to use the very next day.

PEG is excited to announce our fourth USA Precision in Clinical Trials summit series is coming to East Coast Virtually in November 2021. The Precision in Clinical Trials summit will be a unique platform for the largest bio-pharmaceutical hub in the region to network and discuss collaboration in order to achieve their outsourcing and operational strategies.

The summit is tailor-made to address the concerns of trial sponsors who are conducting clinical trials at a local and global level. With an innovation-focused agenda, pre-scheduled meetings between potential collaborators and a host of reliable solution providers, the summit is designed to help attendees find solutions to their most pressing clinical trial challenges in 2020 and beyond.

What Makes Precision Summit Different

An invitation-only online event to those that meet summit qualifications; selection of decision makers according to criteria such as the scope of responsibility, research projects and buying power with active budgets.

Personalized online summit schedule to suit individual preferences and provide a customized experience

High-Quality Keynote Presentations by industry-recognized leaders in solving and overcoming new challenges

Access to the secured summit website, providing information on other attendees and each solution provider one month prior to the summit

For Solution Providers, a very time & cost-effective way of reaching individuals with checkbooks- guaranteed spending power and active requirements for their services

The virtual summit concludes with time for further online networking and exchanging of contact information.