Leveraging Intelligent Tech for Drug Development

Real-Case Scenarios for Accelerating Drug Discovery and Modernizing Clinical Trials with Data & Automation


Laurent Audoly
Founder & CEO
Maria Luisa Pineda
Founder & CEO
Rafael Rosengarten
Chief Executive Officer
Amanda Way
Katherine Bettencourt
Senior Scientist
Ashley Zehnder
Founder, CEO
James Zanewicz
Chief Business Officer


September 30, 2020


September 30, 2020


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AI, automation and data integration are condensing the timeline from discovery to delivery and solving biological problems. Join biotech, pharma, and life science leaders to go beyond the tech “hype” into real case examples of how these developments are evolving the landscape. While technology continues to revolutionize biotech, Pharma is investing heavily in modernizing internally to embrace and embed these innovations throughout their organizational structure and culture . On the clinical trial front, not only are sponsors pressed to have remote and decentralized designs for their trial models due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, but regulators have openly expressed their willingness to consider creative new ideas for trial design, including wearable technology for remote data capture. Meanwhile in the workforce, competition is fierce to recruit and maintain the best talent and to understand how the role of the scientist is evolving to embrace the future of tech-enabled biopharma.

  • Gain insight on how industry can successfully align innovation in science, design, regulatory process and patient-centricity
  • Create patient safe, data valid development models that are flexible and adaptable to an ever-changing landscape in tech enabled drug development.
  • What are the real case examples and what are others doing to make the opportunity of AI, data and Intelligent Automation a reality?
  • What and where are the pitfalls to be avoided?
  • How can proponents of tech integration gain needed buy in from leadership to become faster, lither, stronger?
  • Understand how industry is currently harnessing ai in drug discovery to tackle SARS-CoV-2 and the Ongoing COVID-19 Global Pandemic