Kick Sugar World Summit 2018

Kick Sugar World Summit 2018
If you’re ready to lose weight, feel great and potentially reverse chronic diseases… attend and break free from sugar for good!


Dr. Neal Barnard
Dr. Neal Barnard
President at Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Dr. Joel Furman
Dr. Joel Furman
owner at


March 5, 2018


December 31, 2018


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Sugar Addiction Affects Millions. There’s Hope.

We are told on a daily basis to eat less sugar, which is great advice. But for millions of sugar addicts, this is easier said than done. In fact, it can feel downright impossible.

We have tried every diet and exhausted ourselves fighting food cravings. We ‘white knuckle’ our way through a few weeks and then break down and do any number of the following: binge, starve, cry, purge, pray, beat ourselves up. We have been to 12 step programs, to doctors. We hired personal trainers, spent thousands of dollars on supplements, and joined weight loss programs. We even tried surgery. When we got diagnosed with a serious illness or obesity and still ate processed foods, we threw our arms up and declared ourselves deranged. Uggg!

Does this sound like you? If yes, there is good news. You are not alone. And there is help.

Welcome to the world’s first online summit dedicated to the topic of sugar addiction and sugar addiction recovery.

Our experts will show you how to kick your addiction, curb cravings, end overeating and skyrocket your health.

Our success stories from people just like you will inspire you to finally quit sugar for good!

And instead of having to hop on a plane, stay in a hotel, and take time off of work we are bringing this conference to you! This means you can participate in this virtual summit anytime, anywhere, from any country.

  • How science is confirming what we knew all along. Sugar can be as addictive as heroin
  • Why and how sugar damages the body and what protocols can restore it to health
  • Why the key to permanent recovery is finding the right path for you
  • Inspirational stories of sugar and food addiction recovery
  • How many of our speakers quit sugar, lost hundreds of pounds & how you can too
  • What a craving busting meal plan looks like
  • Why life is so much sweeter on the other side of sugar addiction
  • And So Much More…