Investment and Innovation in Social Services: New Ideas and Approaches Webinar

Investment and Innovation in Social Services = New Ideas and Approaches - webinar
A one-hour special European Social Services Conference webinar that will discuss two of the key themes on the agenda at Seville.


john bolton
Mr. John Bolton
Professor, Independent Consultant
Mr. Christian Bodewig
Program Leader , Entrepreneur, SPeaker
alfonso La montero
Mr. Alfonso Lara Montero
Chief Executive, Policy Director


April 24, 2018


December 31, 2018


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European Social Network chief executive Alfonso Lara Montero will be joined by John Bolton, visiting professor at the Institute of Public Care and Christian Bodewig from the World Bank.

This year’s conference explores how to invest in efficient, effective and financially sustainable social services to empower people and communities across Europe and both John and Christian will deliver their experience and insight on this.

John is acutely aware of the challenges faced by social services and will look at ways at addressing these, while Christian will provide an insight into the World Bank’s recent ‘Growing United’ report, which focuses on Europe.

There will also be a Q&A session following the presentations.