ICO4Impact Virtual Summit 2018

Beyond Capital Markets is a financial platform designed to educate, build, fund, and grow blockchain impact founders and investors as they navigate through trends in blockchain and cryptocurrency.


Jane Thomason
20160623 Abt Meeting.
American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
Boston, Massachusetts.
Photo by Fred Field.
Jane Thomason
Chief Executive Officer, Abt Associates-Australia, and Senior Advisor, International Social PolicyABT Associates
Eromosele Omomhenle
Eromosele Omomhenle
Principal Technology Strategist - Digital Transformation Maturity and Blockchain
Corey Harris
Corey Harris Esq.,
Partner at Lighthouse Partners Co. Ltd. / Managing Partner at Veritas Global Law /
AMaureen L. Murat, Esq.
Maureen L. Murat Esq,
Attorney I Crowdfunding Advisor | Blockchain Enthusiast I ICO Maven
Nicole Anderson
Nicole Anderson
Entrepreneur / Speaker
Edgar Kampers
Edgar Kampers
Founder Qoin - ICO advisor - Key note speaker at Qoin
Scott Morris
Scott Morris
Social Entrepreneur/Speaker
Sulev Seppik
Sulev Seppik, Paybe
Paybe Institutum Theologicum Ecclesiae Evangelico-Lutheranae Estoniae
Cory Roberson
Cory Roberson
Roberson Ventures Group|Compliance|RegTech|FinTech|Social Entrepreneur|Author
Karen Teoh
Karen Teoh
Trade Finance for prosperity and financial inclusion.
Anastasia Ionas
Anastasia Ionas
Blockchain healthcare applications | HealthChain
Amy Wan
Yvonne Lootsma
Yvonne Lootsma
Consultant at Initio
Lohan Spies
Lohan Spies
Founder | Technical at ixo foundation
Kohei Kurihara
Kohei Kurihara
President of Tokyo Chapter at Government Blockchain Association
Matt Fok
Matt Fok
JumpStart Your Biz 2018 with Virtual Collaborative Network
Caterina Ferrara
Trevor Basserable
Blockchain Ladies Founder│TEDxSpeaker │ ICO Advisor & Community
Monique Bachner
Monique Bachner
Board & Governance Advisor | Digital Strategy & Innovation - FinTech, RegTech,
Roger Ver


February 24, 2018


March 2, 2018


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Learn how blockchain & cryptocurrency can drive financial
and social returns for more impactful economies.

The ICO4 Impact Summit is the first decentralized event series for blockchain impact and crypto impact investing, delivered virtually. You can attend this event online from anywhere in the world. The event series was created to help you better understand how cryptocurrency and blockchain can be applied to increase quality of life, build wealth and sustainable economies.

The 7-day event offers 6 dynamic tracks with more than 50 dynamic interviews, presentations, and panel sessions diving deep into Impact ICOs, blockchain model innovation, wealth building and regulations across agriculture, payments & banking, health & wellness, smart city, and clean innovation.

The following are the 6 tracks that will be covered over the 7 day event:
Track 1- ICO4Impact Pitch Weekend (24th & 25th February 2018)
Track 2 – Blockchain Innovation for impact & Financial Inclusion
Track 3 – The Future of Blockchain and Cryptoocurrency
Track 4 – Governance & Regulations
Track 5 – ICO4Impact Hackathon
Track 6 – Crypto Impact Investing Bootcamp

SCHEDULE Available at www.beyondcapitalmarkets.com

ICO4Impact Accelerator Pitch Weekend
Meet some of the most promising blockchain impact entrepreneurs from around the world and our 1st cohort from our 2017 ICO for Impact Accelerator program. We will announce the launch of the ICO Virtual Expo.

ICO4Impact Hackathon
ICO for Impact Hackathon is an online virtual Blockchain event offering opportunities to developers , designers, and enthusiasts in the impact space to design and hack together minimum viable working decentralized applications (Dapps) that utilize blockchain technologies

Blockchain Innovation for Impact & Financial Inclusion
Hear from 10+ speakers sharing innovations and insights on how blockchain technology is changing fundamental aspects of social impact and sustainable economies.

The Future of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
Hear from 10+ speakers sharing innovations and insights on how blockchain technology is transitioning every industry around the world.

The Future of Governance & Regulations
Hear from 10+ speakers sharing innovations and insights on how blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is changing how governments and legal aspect of money are forever changed.

Crypto Impact Investing Bootcamp
In this interactive bootcamp is a one-day workshop where you’ll learn the fundamentals of a strong crypto impact investing plan and how to align dreamy market trends with realistic broad based economic and financial goals.

It was created for those interested in gaining a deeper understanding and getting a holistic perspective of cryptocurrencies and all the available impact investment options (i.e. trading, funds, trusts), technology background and security considerations. This is vital information you can to start using immediately.

ICO Virtual Expo
In partnership with FINHYPE & EZ-XPO we will offer a 3D virtual reality (VR) expo network that empowers fintech, blockchain, and ICO projects to connect with all potential supporters and strategic partners for better transparency and education.