Critical National Infrastructure Online Event

This year’s Critical National Infrastructure Summit will provide the updates and necessary dialogue to help drive security initiatives and maintain preparedness and resiliency.


Dr. Reginald Brothers
Former Under Secretary
Antonio Villafana
Chief Information Officer
Samuel Visner
Whitney Kellett
Chief Information Officer
Ahsan Baig
Chief Information Officer
Steve Karoly
Former Acting Assistant Administrator
Chief W. Barnett Jones
Chief Security and Integrity Officer
Thomas Kuczynski
Chief Information Officer
Lewann Belton
Chief Information Officer
Scott Aaronson
Vice President
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John Childers
Director of Information Security
Ivelisse Cassas
Director of Security
Bill Nelson
Chief Executive Officer
Jonathan Arnold
Chief Information Officer
Douglas DeLancey
Chief, Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Strategy, Integration and Communications Section
Scott Breor
Deputy Assistant Director
Ron Fisher


September 15, 2020


September 17, 2020


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Keeping Interoperability at the Core

We are living during times of growing advancements in drones, automation and IoT that couple with an advanced evolving threat landscape to create great uncertainty and need for diligence. This year’s Critical National Infrastructure Summit from September 15th -17th will provide the updates and necessary dialogue to help drive security initiatives and maintain preparedness and resiliency.

When we discuss critical infrastructure (CI), a myriad of questions come to mind, but two questions stand out; Are we safe and how can we be better prepared? The 2020 Critical National Infrastructure summit is bringing together 100+ C-Suites, Vice Presidents, and Directors across industry and government to cross-pollinate how we can best navigate the critical challenges within the community and address these core questions:

Connect OT to IT- Anything of value that is connected can be compromised and put the entire network at risk. Learn critical parameters to evaluate when procuring IOT equipment to support your facilities’ operations. Join us as we focus on physical and virtual convergence within our operating environments.

Drones and Critical Infrastructure Protection – As more CIP professionals have to do more with less, many are leveraging drones to patrol and surveil large or remote assets to save time and manage resources more effectively. Investigating alerts with drones first before committing security personal to the site. Join to learn about the best course of action to deter, detract and mitigate these threats.

Insider Threats – We are seeing an increasing rise to the number of breaches caused by insider threats but discovery of Insider threats can take months and cost organizations upwards of $8.76 million. We have dedicated panels and workshops set up to share the most cutting edge techniques and tools to counter insider threats.

It is with ongoing learning, development and information sharing that you can prepare and take every precaution necessary against these unwarranted threats. Join our Critical National Infrastructure summit for the unique opportunity to participate in our roundtables, training and panel discussions.

End User vs. Vendor Attendance Qualifications

All attendees will be evaluated based on the below qualifications.
End User An individual responsible for evaluating, purchasing or managing resources, products and/or services for their organization’s internal usage. An end user organization does not offer products, services or solutions associated with the domain of cyber security. No restrictions based on title, seniority, experience, company, or industry.
Vendor An individual from a company that offers cyber or physical security products or solutions regardless of the role, responsibility, or job title of the executive considering attendance. This includes but is not limited to Cybersecurity Technology, Consulting Services, and Cyber or Physical Security Hardware or Software. It is at sole discretion of the Automotive IQ staff to determine eligibility by considering these guidelines.