AI-Powered Data Cataloging Virtual Summit

AI powered data
You need to fully understand your data landscape to support your data-driven business transformation. Hear from a strategy and implementation expert on how to avoid common mistakes and optimize for success


Awez Syed
SVP Product Management
Rob Ray
Senior Data Architect
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Dave Falder
Senior Technical Specialist
Anil Bandarupalli
Sr. Software Engineer
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Dan Jewett
Vice President, Product Management


August 27, 2019


December 31, 2019


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Where is all your data? How do you find it, organize it, and accelerate time-to-value with AI? Data powers all digital transformation priorities. But as data grows increasingly distributed, the complexity of the data landscape far exceeds human capacity to understand it. Current approaches are inadequate to the challenge.

Watch this on-demand virtual summit to learn how AI-powered data cataloging can help business and IT users easily discover, curate, and democratize trusted data at scale to accelerate your digital transformation. Learn how AI- and machine learning-driven automation can speed any data management journey – across on-premises and the cloud.