5 Things to Give Up So Your Struggling Readers Won’t

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BeLinda Martin
Speaker, Educator


August 8, 2018


December 31, 2018


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With each new school year comes a new class of students. Students that you may not know personally and have only heard about from colleagues. You might spend the summer anxious about how you are going to address the vast levels of reading proficiency of your incoming students. This was the case for BeLinda Martin. Of the incoming class of fifth graders, only about half were reaching or exceeding levels of reading proficiency. BeLinda had to think differently than she had in her over 20 years of experience to address this gap in reading abilities. The first step in this journey was to give up.

In this edWebinar,  hear about BeLinda’s journey of giving up these practices and gaining so much more in return:

  • Thinking that direct instruction was the way to reach and engage students
  • Designing the environment first without thinking about the needs of the students
  • Believing that students were stuck in their level of reading proficiency
  • Believing the myths that audiobooks are cheating
  • Teaching to the test and not with the needs of students in mind