2020 HR Shared Services Transformation Digital Summit

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Enabling automation and artificial intelligence adoption, rethinking employment models for the gig economy and planning for future talent needs


Dharanidharan Subramaniam
Director, HR Technology
Andrew Saidy
VP Talent Digitization, Talent Acquisition & Mobility
Deborah Kops
Piotr Andryszak
Rob Bradford
Vice President Global Business Services
Loretta Smith
HR Strategy and Operations
Teresa Michelena


August 4, 2020


August 6, 2020


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Artificial intelligence, remote teams, the gig economy and consumerization of HR; are just a few of the factors which represent the shifting sands of HR shared services. In fact it’s no stretch to say that we’re in revolutionary times. With external challenges such as Covid-19, internal pressures from stressed employers and the introduction of intelligent technology, HR is under pressure like never before. However with crisis also comes opportunity. The opportunity to create an agile workforce, fast-forward digital transformation and provide flexibility to your workforce with remote working. These are just some of the topics we’ll be covering online at the 2020 HR Shared Services Transformation Digital Summit.

JUST ADDED – Future of Work Day – 6 August

As well as two days of exciting presentations and panels, we’re introducing a “Future of Work” focus day for the first time. According to SSON’s COVID-19 survey data, over a third of respondents believe that they will accelerate initiatives to reduce delivery dependency on people and physical locations, while 31% see themselves more aggressively designing and implementing Future of Work concepts, potentially rethinking employment as a workforce management concept. This gives us the opportunity to deep dive into topics such as: enabling automation and artificial intelligence adoption, rethinking employment models for the gig economy and planning for future talent needs.

Key Themes to be Covered Include:

  • Human Capital Analytics In Practice
  • Digital HR Transformation: Bots, AI And Self-Service
  • Personalizing HRSSC For Better Employee Engagement
  • Remote Working Hacks To Ensure Productivity, Communication And Engagement
  • The Future Of Work: Skills, Gig Workers And Tech