What We Can Learn from Pokemon Go

What We Can Learn from Pokemon Go

The augmented reality game, Pokémon Go, was released in early July and was an immediate success. At one point, there were about 45 million people using the app every day, and while that number has declined somewhat, there are still about 30 million active users. There’s certainly a lot that experts, business leaders, and authorities can learn about how to captivate audiences from studying Pokémon Go.

Innovation is Captivating

Part of the reason that Pokémon Go attracted so many customers is that it was innovative. Yes, there had been a few similar games in the past, including a game called Ingress that was developed by the same company behind Pokémon Go, but few had the international recognition that came with the Pokémon brand. This innovation can go beyond the gaming industry. For example, a host who has a reputation of being creative and innovative is more likely to bring in a large crowd. The same goes for the organizer of a conference, summit, or any other online event. The more innovative something is, the more attention it tends to draw.

Customers Don’t Have to Understand it to Like it

While Pokémon as a video game series has been popular, it hasn’t seen numbers like this since the first games were released in 1996. Many people using the app had no idea what Pokémon was about, but with all of the positive chatter surrounding it, they decided to give it a try. These may have been some of the users who stopped playing after a few weeks, of course, but many have enjoyed it and continue playing. The franchise has also experienced an upswing in the sales of its older Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS games since the app’s release.

One example of applying this to another area is the virtual summit, which is a form of online meeting place. Some people may not completely understand the idea of attending an online conference, but they may give it a try anyway because of the impressive list of speakers you may have lined up. That could convince them to attend more of these events or even host their own.

Take Advantage of Trends

Retailers and restaurants have certainly taken advantage of Pokémon Go. The increase in customers coming into their businesses is attributed to the new video game. These gamers have made a habit out of tracking the virtual creatures and visiting “Pokéstops,” which are tagged areas that provide players with supplies needed to catch Pokémon. Some retailers and restaurants wasted no time in taking advantage of the game by moving Pokémon merchandise to the front of the store or offering players food and drink specials.

 Take Things Mobile

One appeal of the game may simply be the fact that players can play Pokémon Go wherever they are for as little as a few seconds at a time. There’s no time commitment or extra device to carry around. Going mobile could very well be the future, so why not take advantage of this notion? If you’re going to host a virtual summit, for example, look into broadcasting your speakers over a mobile app to see if you can get more people listening in.

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