7 Extremely Helpful Tips to Generate More Demand for Your Virtual Talks

7 Extremely Helpful Tips to Generate More Demand for Your Virtual Talks


If you give virtual talks and discussions on a regular basis, you want to reach as many people as possible. This means you often have to work pretty hard to market yourself in order to generate as much interest in your talks as you possibly can. Here are seven different tips you can follow to make yourself one of the most in-demand and popular speakers online.

Build Up Your Resume

One of the best ways to garner more interest as a presenter is to conduct as many events as you can. Even if it’s a small virtual summit, agreeing to give a talk may put you in front of the organizer of a much larger event.  Plus, speaking at smaller events gives you the opportunity to hone your craft while simultaneously providing with valuable public exposure and increased credibility.


As with just about every profession, networking can help you make the right connections to get ahead in the world of online speakers. The people you meet while doing an online conference or virtual summit may be the connection you need to get into another one. Even if you don’t present at a “specific” virtual conference, emailing the host just to introduce yourself can help you get your foot in the proverbial door for the next event.

Be Topical

If you give the same presentation over and over, experts in your field are likely to notice. You need to continually prepare new talks on a variety of subjects that are topical, or at least have your own unique take on the matters at hand.

Hold Your Own Conference

Becoming a host yourself may help you move into a new social circle and provide you with more contacts in the online conference industry. As an event organizer, you will be able to speak at your own conference—not to mention you also decide who you want to invite to speak alongside you.  Additionally, if you are handling all of the advertising and marketing first-hand, you have the opportunity to bring in a specific audience that you want to network with.

Build Up Your Professional Brand

Your brand as a professional presenter is made up of more than just the talks you give at conferences. When you’re not preparing or giving presentations, you need to be on social media engaging with experts and others in your industry, or writing articles for publication. You may even want to write your own book or eBook in order to get more name recognition and solidify yourself as an authority in the field. If you’re seen as one of the leading experts in your industry, you’ll be booked more often.

Share Your Recorded Talks

After you conduct a virtual summit, ask those in charge if you can share a recording of your presentation on your website. This gives other event organizers an idea of what you’re actually like before a live camera gets placed in front of you. This shows them why you should talk at their next conference without any prolonged effort on your part.

Be Unique

There are a lot of other speakers out there, so what makes you different? Do you incorporate humor into your talks? Are you one of only a few people who are experts in your field? Whatever it is that sets you apart from the competition, make sure to market yourself that way. Be unique, and you’re likely to get more requests for your services.


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